What I Learnt About Posting Daily On Instagram For A Week

I have a love – hate relationship with Instagram.

I spend a lot of time on the app: posting, replying to comments, liking the photos on my feed, watching stories and using the explore page for inspiration and to find new accounts.

As much as I love the app, it is frustrating when photos don’t do as well as you’d hoped and your followers are up and down like a yo-yo. Even though I don’t want to focus on the number of likes, I thought it would be quite interesting to see how many I receive within a certain length of time.

So I set myself on a little challenge: posting daily for a week.

IG Daily 01


I started my weekly challenge on the weekend as I know from experience that this is prime time to post as people have a lot more chance to go through their feed, liking images as well as commenting.

This particular image is from our trip to London in January when I dragged the Mr to Notting Hill to see all the beautiful homes and of course, the colourful doors. During our time there, I took a lot of photos and I have managed to post a lot of them to my feed but some of them are still sitting in my drafts, waiting to be shared.

I posted at 8:55am just before my Sunday blog post went live and these were the results..

Likes after an hour – 40
Likes after 4 hours – 61
Likes after 9 hours – 84
Likes after 12 hours – 91
Likes after 24 hours – 96
Likes after 2 days – 108
Likes after 3 days – 110
Comments – 10

IG Daily 02


I’ve really tried to include more images of myself on Instagram throughout the past year or so but for some very strange reason, they don’t do as well as others.

Why is that?

Answers on a postcard, please.

I posted at 7:25am and well, it was just an absolute disaster from the word go.

Likes after an hour – 26
Likes after 4 hours – 48
Likes after 9 hours – 76
Likes after 12 hours – 87
Likes after 24 hours – 87
Likes after 2 days – 100
Comments – 9

IG Daily 03


Everyone loves a holiday shot, don’t they?

I have a handful left from our summer trip to Crete in June and I really want to start sharing more of them before the season changes again.

I posted at 7:28am before I left for the gym and just like the day before, the likes seemed to be thin of the ground.

Likes after an hour – 24
Likes after 4 hours – 60
Likes after 9 hours – 77
Likes after 12 hours – 85
Likes after 24 hours – 97
Likes after 2 days – 99
Comments – 9

IG Daily 04


It’s been quite a while since I posted on a Wednesday and there is a reason for it: it’s a midweek slump in which everyone is focusing on the weekend approaching and Instagram seems to be the last thing on their mind.

One of the aims of this week was to use more of the images which sit in my drafts for what seems like an eternity and this beautiful blue door in the centre of Bath.

I posted at 7:25am and the results were slightly better once the day got going..

Likes after an hour – 26
Likes after 4 hours – 66
Likes after 9 hours – 82
Likes after 12 hours – 91
Likes after 24 hours – 96
Likes after 2 days – 106
Comments – 8

IG Daily 05


I don’t think I’ve ever been so quick to post an Instagram as I was quite literally running out the door to drive to the gym that morning.

You’ll have noticed a pattern about my posting time and just like the other days, I posted at 7:25am and here are the results..

Likes after an hour – 49
Likes after 4 hours – 55
Likes after 9 hours – 60
Likes after 12 hours – 85
Likes after 24 hours – 99
Likes after 2 days – 104
Comments – 6

IG Daily 06


It would seem that everyone loves a coffee shop photo and when you find one as photogenic as Love Thy Neighbour, you just can’t help but share all the photos.

This is the one image that I struggled with as when Friday rolled round, I didn’t know what to post and to mix up my feed up a little bit, I decided to share this image.

For the final time this week, I stuck to my usual posting time of 7:30am.

Likes after an hour – 30
Likes after 4 hours – 57
Likes after 9 hours – 76
Likes after 12 hours – 85
Likes after 24 hours – 105
Likes after 2 days – 108
Comments – 5

IG 01


Posting on a weekend is slightly different because you don’t want to post at the crack of dawn because a) you have to wake up earlier and b) nobody will see it until 9am. For a good year or so, I’ve saved my weekend photos until 8:30 – 9am to make sure that they’re seen by everyone who follows me (definitely not the case).

I posted at 8:56am and here are the results…

Likes after an hour – 36
Likes after 4 hours – 68
Likes after 9 hours – 85
Likes after 12 hours – 92
Likes after 24 hours – 101
Likes after 2 days – 124
Comments – 10

IG 02


I think I’ve nailed a signature photo on my feed – books, socks and sometimes a cup of tea. These shots always do pretty well and I’m always proud of how they turn out.

I shared my final shot of the challenge week at 8:45am and for the last time, here are the results…

Likes after an hour – 41
Likes after 4 hours – 84
Likes after 9 hours – 108
Likes after 12 hours – 117
Likes after 24 hours – 136
Comments – 24


What did I learn?

Sometime in 2016, I enjoyed posting daily. I’d just got home from travelling and I had a new wave of thought and back then, the amount of likes and comments really didn’t affect me. Fast forward two years later and I’ll sigh about a certain photo that I loved taking, not receiving the likes I thought it would.

Likes bother me.

I hate that they bother me.

But they bother everyone.

Even those who have over 10k followers. It’s all down to Instagram, the algorithm and whether you’re shown as a popular account or not. I’m the latter. Most definitely the latter.

I also learnt that it takes my photos a good 12-24 hours to reach 100+ likes and the comments tend to be from the bloggers who I’m in a comment pod with (yup, I’m in one with great people and it works very well). I struggle to receive organic comments but I think that’s all down to the caption..

I suck at captions.

They are the part of Instagram which I actually don’t enjoy because unless I’m posting a travel photo from the day before telling people which sights I’ve seen, then I struggle.

As someone who is unemployed, spending their day hunting down a full time job isn’t known as exciting. People don’t want to hear that because it’s negative and negative doesn’t do well in the online world. But I share it anyway.

My follower count was a bit like a yo-yo throughout the week. I started with 1,565 followers and it continually went up and down. I do block the spam accounts though so perhaps that’s why?

I need to care less about Instagram, but I just can’t.

It’s an app I check quite frequently during the day and it really is disheartening when images don’t do as well as you’d hoped.

So I’m going back to posting when I want, which tends to be three times a week in rotation when my blog posts go live.

Oh and if you haven’t already – have a nosy at this week’s posts on my feed.

EL xx
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  1. Why do we all monitor the likes we get like it actually means something! I’ve nearly deleted sooo many posts for not getting enough likes… so shameful! Great post though, would love to read more like this xx

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