Visiting Bath Abbey: From The Ground To The Top

I have developed an unusual love for visiting abbeys, cathedrals and churches when I’m travelling somewhere new. I think it is a mixture between the colourful windows, the extremely high ceilings and wanting to sing Tale As Old As Time from Beauty and the Beast. Anyone else?

Bath Abbey is no exception.

It was the very first tourist attraction on my to-see list when the Mr and I planned our second year anniversary to the beautiful city. Even though we only stayed in Bath for one night, we gave ourselves plenty of time to explore and see the main attractions as well as hunting down all those Instagram locations.

We were very kindly gifted press passes from Visit Bath in collaboration with the tourist board and it has been an absolute pleasure working with them. This is the last of my posts from our trip last month and I’ve really enjoyed reliving our experiences of our short time in the spectacular city.

Bath (37)

Bath (38)Bath (96)Bath (97)

Bath Abbey is beautiful.

There is no other word to describe it other than beautiful.

When we visited in the morning after The Roman Baths, there wasn’t a lot of people there and it was peacefully quiet despite the ongoing work. There is no charge for entrance to the abbey, but they do accept donations which you could use as your good deed of the day.

Bath (98)Bath (99)Bath (100)Bath (102)Bath (103)

As one of the most visited places in the South West, the Bath Abbey welcomes everyone from all over the world, no matter their religion.

Whether you just want to sit in silence, say a prayer, wander around to view the magical coloured windows or to admire the butterflies – it is the perfect location to take some time out for yourself to have a breather.

When I travel, I enjoy having my feet firmly on the ground but then I also have a big love for seeing views from up above and that is exactly what we did..

Bath (105)Bath (106)Bath (107)Bath (108)Bath (109)Bath (110)Bath (111)Bath (112)Bath (113)Bath (114)Bath (115)Bath (116)

The best way to see all of Bath is to climb the abbey.

There are 212 steps in which you will take, the jelly legs may occur and your knees may lock around the 170 step mark. Just me?

The tours take around 45 – 50 minutes in which you will embark on the ringing chamber, the bell chamber, the fan vaulted ceiling and my personal favourite: the clock face.

We had a fantastic guide who gave us snippets of information as we reached each point going up to the top. Kinda wish I’d taken notes but trying not to feel dizzy from the spiral steps was the only thing on my mind that morning.

Bath (117)Bath (118)Bath (119)Bath (128)Bath (121)Bath (129)Bath (122)Bath (130)Bath (123)Bath (131)Bath (124)

All those steps were worth it for those views of Bath.

You can see for miles and miles which is just one of my favourite things about going up to the very top of any abbey/mountain.

In regards to tickets, entry to the abbey is free (donations welcome), but for the tours they are ticketed which you can purchase on the day.

Honestly, next time you’re in Bath – make climbing to the top of the abbey a priority because it truly is one spectacular view.

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