The Best Photo Spots In Liverpool – Take Two

Back in May, I wrote a post about the best photo spots in Liverpool and in all honesty, I didn’t expect the post to do as well as it did. There were a handful of Liverpool Bloggers who messaged me with recommendations for a follow up post and due to popular demand, I’m back again today with round two of more locations that I’ve hunted down.

If you’re visiting my city, make sure you head to a few of these spots for the best photos to take back home with you!

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St George’s Hall

Built in 1841 and open to the public for events, St George’s Hall is located across the road from Lime Street train station. Home to the Christmas markets, award ceremonies, weddings and festivals, the hall has so much to offer.

I haven’t stepped foot inside for many, many, many years.

Megan and I took some photos here in June and it was completely deserted.

Love Thy Neighbour (01)Emma (46)Love Thy Neighbour (07)Emma (63)Love Thy Neighbour (05)Emma (65)

Love Thy Neighbour

Located on Bold Street, Love Thy Neighbour is known for being an Instagram worthy café on both the inside and out.

The artwork is by a local artist called Neil Keating who is just superb! Everyone who visits Bold Street will recognise the avocado artwork from many Instagram photos and I don’t think I’ve ever had to wait for someone to finish taking their shots at a location before. It’s definitely very popular!

The inside of Love Thy Neighbour is gorgeous with a chilled out pink, grey and leaf print vibe. Try to grab a window seat if you can (they’re the best for people watching) and order yourself a hot chocolate as they’re delicious.

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Formby Beach

The Mr and I tend to go to Formby quite a lot – in the pub during the football season, warming up in Costa Coffee during the cold weekends, hunting down sausage dogs in any weather and enjoying a breather by the sea.

I love Formby – the beach, the forest, the squirrel park and the people. Everyone is extremely friendly and if you’re looking for a place to take some photos with a relaxed vibe, this is the spot for you!

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Georges Dockway

Situated just next to the Cunard Building as well as the Royal Liver Building, you will find a street called Georges Dockway in which I discovered from my lovely blogging friend Rachel and so, she took a quick snap for me!

If you want a photo of beautiful buildings with a hint of the liver building, then you definitely need to go here but perhaps go first thing in the morning otherwise you’ll end up with a million cars in the background.

Liverpool (15)Liverpool (16)

The Umbrella Project, Church Alley

I am obsessed.

Last year, Liverpool was greeted with the arrival of colourful umbrellas which I knew nothing about until I did my research and in actual fact, they are in aid of ADHD which my wonderful city are raising money and awareness for.

The umbrellas sadly aren’t there all year round but from the end of June to sometime in September, you can take as many photos of the beautiful umbrellas as you like and believe me, I do take at least five every time I’m passing.

Just walk past Primark, look to your left and they’re there!

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