The Best Photo Spots In Liverpool – Take Three

I didn’t want to wait another four months to share my next set of Liverpool photo spots with you all and seeing as you all seem to have enjoyed take one and take two, I wanted to continue this little series.

In the other two posts, I’ve been in the photos and so with this particular set, I decided not to share a lot of the ones of myself just in case anyone is visiting Liverpool solo or just doesn’t want to be in front of the camera.

I need to get cracking with my list for take four!

Liverpool (25)

Sweeting Street

It’s Diagon Alley!

I have seen this particular photo spot so many times on Instagram and yet, I’ve never been able to find it as it is kinda hidden. With thanks to Sophie knowing exactly where it was, I managed to take a quick photo whilst nobody was around.

This is a lot of potential for this hidden place to become even better – perhaps a lick of paint to transform into something like Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden?

Liverpool (24)Liverpool (26)

The Cathedral, St. James Mount

Built between the years of 1904 – 1978, the Liverpool Cathedral is the largest, religious cathedral within Britain and it is certainly is a magnificent building.

As you all know, I adore taking a stroll around the Georgian Quarter and so if you really do want to escape the craziness of the town centre, I highly recommend taking some time out and enjoying the beauty of the cathedral.

One day, I will climb to the top.

Liverpool (27)Liverpool (28)

The Town Hall, High Street

Opened in 1754, the town hall is probably an underrated building within Liverpool as it’s not shown on Instagram as much as other buildings are, but nevertheless, it’s one of my firm favourites.

Situated on High Street, you can walk straight past Sweeting Street before taking in the view of the town hall. Carry on walking for 5-10 minutes and you’ll find yourself in Moose Coffee for the best breakfast in town.

Liverpool (21)

Catherine Street

I have wanted to take a photo of this house for a year.

I’ve waited until the right time to come back to this spot to ensure the leaves were about to start turning (yes, I realise how sad I am), but last year, I visited a week too late and the devastation was oh so very real.

This beautiful house is located on Catherine Street which is right in front of the Georgian Quarter (take a shot for how many times I mention that area / 18+ / drink responsibly). It’s just a house. There is nothing historical about it (or so I don’t think) but it’s pretty, it’s easy on the eye but it’s an absolute nightmare to photograph when you’ve got 100 cars and buses whizzing past.

I got the shot.

Liverpool (30)Emma (48)

World Museum, William Brown Street

Upon scouting locations, wandering around the city is one of my favourite things to do as you stumble across places that you may not have seen before.

Around the corner from St. George’s Hall is the library and the art gallery. On this particular day when I wanted to take a few photos – there was a wedding being held at the hall and so, we went around the corner to the World Museum.

Here, you will get a gorgeous view of the Radio City Tower as well as St. George’s Hall. I definitely want to come back here for future shoots.

EL xx
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