The £4 Highlighter I’m Obsessed With

I have a slight obsession with highlighters.

Oh, but not just any highlighters – Make Up Revolution highlighters.

I’ve been using their Ultra Pro Glow palette for months and months and months – hitting pan on one particular shade and after spotting a similar shade in singular packaging, I decided to treat myself.

£4 isn’t going to break the bank, is it?

MakeUpRevolution (01)

MakeUpRevolution (02)MakeUpRevolution (03)

Granted, it’s a little bit darker than the shade I’ve hit pan on in the Ultra Pro Glow palette but nevertheless, the formula is just as incredible. Winged eyeliner and a poppin’ highlighter has become my signature look and quite frankly, I just don’t feel like myself without either of them.

This particular highlighter is called Rose Ingot (£4.00) and it has quickly become a daily item in my makeup bag. According to the description on the page, this particular highlighter ought to be used on darker skin tones and well, I’ve kinda ignored that and continued to embrace it on my Casper the friendly ghost face.

MakeUpRevolution (04)MakeUpRevolution (05)MakeUpRevolution (06)

 Not only do Make Up Revolution have incredible shades, but the quality and quantity of the products is remarkable. It will take me a good four – six months before I hit pan on this particular highlighter (if not longer), because there is so much product within the packaging.

Honestly, I can’t wear any other highlighter by another brand. Make Up Revolution must use fairy dust because their highlighters all give off the most beautiful shine and that gives me a little added boost of confidence.

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5 thoughts on “The £4 Highlighter I’m Obsessed With

  1. I love all of revolutions highlights but my favourite is the Soph Palette! YOU GET 8 highlighters for £8. At first I didn’t think it would use many of them but I really have. When I was on holiday I used the darker ones on my body, I use the whole top row on my fave in different ways and the two different colours (pink and purple) are great for nights out, festivals or Halloween/costumes if need be. The formulas beautiful!! My favourite one is the one of the top right!
    Alex x

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