The Pinafore I Can’t Stop Wearing

I am obsessed with pinafores.

The second Autumn strikes, I become obsessed with pinafores. Not only are They incredibly easy to wear during the transitional period between Summer and Autumn, but they’re comfortable and quite stylish.

One brand who I am a huge fan of is Red Herring. When I need a staple piece for my wardrobe, I usually head to New Look or to the corner of Debenhams where Red Herring are situated.

A solid 70% of my wardrobe is Red Herring and not only is the quality fantastic but the prices are really good in case you’re watching the pennies.

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Upon a trip to the Trafford Centre one weekend, I stumbled across this Red Herring pale pink cord pinafore (£29.00) and instantly fell in love.

Despite my current transition of loosing weight, I still prefer to wear clothes which are loose as there is nothing I dislike more than feeling uncomfortable in my outfit and not being able to breath out. With this pinafore, there is so much space around the stomach area and so when I’ve eaten a little bit too much, it’s perfect.

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The pinafore itself is made from soft corduroy, fastens up both sides with brass gold buttons and has two pockets situated at the front which fits quite a lot of items (including an iPhone 7 Plus).

I personally like to style this particular pinafore with a simple white long sleeved t-shirt from Marks and Spencer, a pair of black tights from Primark as well as a pair of boots. I’m not a very stylish person, I don’t follow trends and I dress for comfort but this outfit is one that I love wearing over and over again.

My pinafore collection is growing with a deep berry pinafore from Primark that I’ve had for a couple of years as well as a new addition in the form of a black pinafore from New Look (which I’m sure you’ll see in a blog post soon-ish).

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