Protecting My Skin Through The Colder Months

Skin care on a daily basis is very important to me.

Yet when we land ourselves in late September, I find myself wanting to take even more care of my skin because having a dry face isn’t on my to-do list.

For the past year or so, I’ve been trying to find face masks that really work for my skin and believe me, I’ve tried my fair share of them. I’ve tried the cucumber peels from Sephora as well as the Garnier face peels but neither of them seem to do much for my face.

That is where L’Oreal come into the mix because their skin care is amazing.

Loreal (01)

Loreal (02)Loreal (03)Loreal (04)

You may have read my post a few months ago about my love for the L’oreal Pure Clay Mask and due to how incredible it made my skin, I decided to purchase yet another face mask from the collection.

The Pure Clay Bright Mask does exactly what it says on the tin: it brightens your skin and during the colder months, giving your skin the glow will give you a boost throughout the entire day.

This particular mask is a powerful blend of three pure clay mask – one to absorb impurities and excess sebum, one to help eliminate imperfections and one to help clarity your complexion.

The results are instant.

I have a tendency to use this mask on a Sunday evening in order to prep my skin for the week ahead. Granted, it doesn’t clear your skin – but it gives your skin the glow that it desperately needs during the dull, cold days.

Loreal (05)Loreal (06)

The Pure Clay Bright Mask (£7.99) is perfect to exfoliate your skin deep into the pores.

According to the L’Oreal team, this mask was designed for ethnic skin and I have to disagree, anyone with any type of skin colouring should try this mask as it truly is a holy grail skin care product.

Which of the masks should I try next?

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6 thoughts on “Protecting My Skin Through The Colder Months

  1. I’ve not tried many brands when it comes to skin care products but might have to try some of the L’Oreal face masks. Over the last two years, I’ve been using Good Things products which have helped keep my skin smooth. Before that, it was Simple. However I’ve noticed that my jaw line has been feeling a little rough over the past month or so, maybe a change in brands for facemasks will help – I have been struggling to find Good Things products on the shelves recently.


    1. If your face is feeling rough, definitely change brands! Try using Nivea (white pot – can buy from BodyCare, Boots, Superdrug & supermarkets). Nivea are the reason I’ve got super smooth skin xx

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