Not Your Average Sunday Roast

Fun fact: Pie and mash is David Beckham’s favourite meal of all time.

We are very lucky to have so many incredible food spots in Liverpool and Bold Street is home to multiple independent restaurants as well as a few chain ones.

Pie Minister is exactly what it says on the tin: PIES.

The Mr and I were kindly invited back to their Bold Street restaurant to try their Roast Pie which is a twist on the classic Sunday roast and new to their Autumn menu.

PieMinster (05)

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The Roast Pie is available every Sunday and it’s a way to jazz up your chosen pie with mash, a Yorkshire pudding, swede mash, roast garlic and rosemary potatoes, free range British pork crackling, a pig-in-blanket and plenty of gravy.

All this for £9.95? Yes please. I’ll even chuck in an extra £1 for bottomless gravy. Not only that but if you’re vegetarian or gluten free, there are plenty of options for you as well.

The dish is huge and we both struggled to finish it completely.

Just like our previous visit, I opted for the Fungi Chicken pie and the Mr opted for Chicken of Aragon. Our plates were filled to the brim and neither of us knew where to start.

The Yorkshire pudding was soft, the pie was incredible, the mash was delicious, the gravy was never ending, the pig in blankets made me excited for Christmas but the veg was cold and it was a bit weird to have both mash and mini roast potatoes on the plate. It’s either one of the other for me.

PieMinster (04)

Overall, it was a great treat to have on a Sunday before a shopping trip!

Thank you to the lovely Pie Minister team for having us for Sunday roast – it was delicious and there’s no doubt that we’ll be back.

EL xx
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