My Unexpected Fitness Journey: Gym Fear, Finding A PT And Comfort Eating

Who would have thought that little ol’ me would be writing a fitness post after years of comfort eating, battling body dysmorphia and never really making the effort to lose the weight that I had accidentally piled on.

But this year, I finally decided to make a change.

I decided that it was about time that I did something about it and so, I did.

It has cost me quite a bit of money in terms of healthy eating, gym sessions, workout wear and home-gym equipment, but it’s working and I’m seeing results which make me very happy.

You know what? I’m actually proud of myself. I’m the girl who now works out once or twice a week, eats healthy but still craves the bad food. I’m certainly no fitness expert and I’m still very much a work-in-progress but I wanted to document my journey so far.

In this post, you’ll read all about my fear of the gym, finding a personal trainer and comfort eating but please come back for the second post in which I’ll talk about my weight loss and my healthy eating plan.

I’ve also roped my personal trainer in at the end of each section just so you’ve got a little bit of professional advice alongside my ramblings…

Emma (19)

Emma (20)

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Working Out: The Gym Fear and Finding a Personal Trainer.

I’m lazy when it comes to working on my body. I’ve known for some years that having a personal trainer would really benefit me because I have no idea what I need to do in order to lose the weight, I’m petrified of weights and I need someone to constantly motivate, to continually push me to carry on.

So I found myself a personal trainer through a simple Google search of my local area. I didn’t have a particular gym in mind, I just wanted someone who knew what they were talking about, didn’t charge the earth for one session but most of all, I needed them to understand the person that I am.

The comfort eater that I am.

I messaged a handful of personal trainers – a mixture of male and female, with no preference but only one got back in touch with me and that was Phil.

He trains clients in a local gym, attached to the hotel I worked at many, many years ago and within five minutes of meeting him, I knew we would get on. We tend to chat and laugh more than I work out but it’s fun and he knows that making exercise fun is a very big deal for me.

Because exercise bores me.

Going for a walk bores me. I need an end goal. Is there a place to get a cup of tea afterwards? Great, tell me how long of a walk it is. My brain needs to be excited.

That is exactly what Phil helps me with: he changes up our exercises on a weekly basis, ensuring that my brain isn’t getting bored, is challenged by what I’m doing next and my god – I very quickly become a hot mess.

Scrap that.

Just a mess.

For me, having a personal trainer is important. I need someone on my side who can see the goals in which I’m trying to achieve but I also want a trainer who I can have a laugh with and someone who can help me not be so afraid of the gym.

Almost six months later, I’m certainly not a gym expert.

I let my trainer do all the numbers for the weights – he knows what my body needs and quite frankly, I wouldn’t have the foggiest where to even start.

The one big aspect of fitness which I’m still not over is the arthritis that is in both of knees. This is the only setback that I’ve really had when it comes to working out, but the exercises are making both of them stronger and hopefully within time, it’ll be a lot easier and I won’t have to deal with the constant clicks and aches that they provide.

What The Personal Trainer Says About: The Gym Fear

Find a drive within yourself to make yourself want to go to the gym. 

Have a look in the mirror and if you’re unhappy with what you see, that’s when you know that a change needs to be made. Even the great sportsman were once beginners, don’t be afraid to take the first step.

Everyone is in the same boat, every one is in the gym for the same reason, but it’s your reason that you’re in there and having a personal trainer has the ability to take that gym fear away for you.

What The Personal Trainer Says About: The Benefits Of A PT

With having a personal trainer, all you need to do is show up to each session. You don’t need to plan ahead, stress about your workout, they help with motivation and will continually push you to be driven.

They are the bet people when it comes to knowledge, understanding fitness, having the correct form, techniques and injury prevention. 

But most of all, a personal trainer is there to support you.

Emma (23)

Overcoming Comfort Eating.

I have always been a comfort eater and still to this day, I get the cravings to eat a lot for absolutely no reason.

Food was my enemy when I was seventeen years ago – forcing myself to be sick to get the attention of my boyfriend** and the weight just continued to drop off me when I dealt with the passing of my Grandad.

**This is a whole other story that I’ll get into during the second post…

That was a decade ago and I was around 6 stone 10 lbs. Not healthy in the slightest and most certainly dangerous.But after a while, the weight slowly went back on because I had to over eat in order to get back into the safe-zone which my doctors were continually telling me about.

So, I learnt how to comfort eat.

Watching a TV show? Comfort eat. Missed the bus? Comfort eat. Due on my period? Comfort eat. Feeling happy because a boy noticed me? Comfort eat.

At any given situation, I would comfort eat.

I knew that how much I was eating was dangerous but my body was continually crying out for the bad food – McDonalds, fizzy drinks, sauces, fried food, chocolate, crisps, pizza and burgers.

You name it. I probably ate it.

So when I found my personal trainer, I knew that comfort eating had to be discussed at the very beginning and that we had to figure out how I could stop.

Clean eating. Healthy eating. Whichever you want to call it – that saved my body from putting on even more weight.

There was some sort of light switch in my mind that flicked on the second I started doing PT sessions and ever since, I haven’t had the urge to comfort eat in the slightest. My body is getting the food it needs to stay full, to stay motivated and to keep those “you need a massive bar of chocolate to feel better” thoughts at bay.

Granted, there are still times when I want bad food and I’ve given in to temptation a handful of times but then I’ve balanced it out even more with veggies and protein.

I used to roll my eyes at people who would say: It’s all about balance. But it’s actually true and now I’m rolling my eyes at myself.

What The Personal Trainer Says About: Overcoming Comfort Eating

Eat more.

Science tells us that if you don’t feed your body the right ingredients or you don’t eat at all, you’re more likely to give into comfort eating.

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