8 Instagram Locations In Edinburgh

Each time I visit somewhere new, I always enjoy sourcing out the Instagram locations as I am continually trying to improve my photography. Sometimes I stumble upon the photogenic spots and other times, it’s out of our range but well worth the walk.

While we were in Edinburgh, we came across a mixture of Instagram locations as well as a few Harry Potter ones and so, I’ve decided to mix them together.



Victoria Street

During my research of the Harry Potter locations within Edinburgh, Victoria Street always came up as the one that inspired JK Rowling when it came to writing Diagon Alley and I can see why.

Victoria Street is full of independent shops, deliciously smelling restaurants and two Harry Potter shops which is perfect for those die-hard fans.


Edinburgh Castle

Quite possibly the most spectacular views in all of England. I highly recommend a visit when you’re in the city as the photos in which you’ll receive are well worth the hike to the top.

There is no particular spot in the castle for photos as everywhere you go, you will be amazed by the beauty of Edinburgh below.


The Elephant House

I remember crying when I first saw the café where JK Rowling wrote many chapters of the Harry Potter books. That was back in May 2012 and in all honesty, it was slightly emotional to see it again as that café gave readers the most special book series of all time.

We sadly didn’t eat at the café as the queue was bursting, but thankfully outside was rather quiet with very few fans lingering around.



Holyrood Palace Gardens

When I searched for Instagram locations within Edinburgh, this one didn’t come up in any of the lists that I found and even though the Palace was a very quick 10 minute tour, the gardens are absolutely beautiful.

Whatever the season, I honestly believe that the photographs would turn out to be ones you can treasure for a long time. I’m very happy with the autumnal shots we managed to get and with nobody around, it was ideal.


Princes Street Gardens

I have wanted to visit these gardens for quite some time as I knew the views for the castle would be absolutely spectacular and believe me, they certainly didn’t disappoint. The gardens are filled with clear paths, a gorgeous fountain, wonderful views and it’s a little bit of peace and quiet away from the busy city.


Dean’s Village

This was extremely high on my to-see list while we were in Edinburgh and we came quite lucky as it was on our way to the Botanic Gardens (which were closed by the time we got there!).

Dean’s Village is a small, beautiful village about half an hour away from the city and it is well worthy of the walk. I have seen this prime Instagram location on my feed multiple times and I just couldn’t help myself when taking photos. The weather was clear, a little bit chilly and we managed to capture the rest of the daylight.


Inverleith Park

Is there anything better than stumbling across a beautiful place?

On our only full day, we explored Dean’s Village before walking towards the Botanic Gardens (quite the walk, definitely wouldn’t recommend in the chilly air) and we stumbled across Inverleith Park.

The park itself was extremely spacious, full of gorgeous dogs and the view of Edinburgh was just breath taking.


Armchair Books

The final Instagram spot on my list was a bookshop that was next door to our breakfast location. For those who don’t know, the shop is full of second hand, used books and it is such an oldie-worldie place – big rugs, uncomfortable chairs, friendly staff and cases upon cases of brilliant books.

There were many more Instagram locations on my list but I’ll leave them for next time!

EL xx
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