My Unexpected Fitness Journey: Weight Loss, Body Dysmorphia and Meal Planning

Fitness has quickly become a big part of my life and I want to document as much of my “journey” as remotely possible and seeing as so many of you enjoyed the first post, I wanted to carry on chatting about a few topics…


The Weight Loss.

When I sourced out a personal trainer, I knew that losing weight would be difficult but after years of saying that I would start next week, something in my brain finally clicked and I started to lose the weight.

Between the dates of Friday 13th July and Friday 12th October, I lost 1 stone and 1 pound.

*sets party poppers off in the background*

I have actually lost weight and I’m still in disbelief that I’ve finally done something about feeling unhappy about my body and how I feel.

Now, the scales were never my best friend and every Friday morning when I step on them, I am nervous because it’s the thought of putting weight on that absolutely petrifies me because it’s a step backward and quite frankly, I’m not here to play.

When I stepped on the scales for the first time on Friday 13th July, I cried.

I couldn’t believe that I weighed so much. I took a photo of the number, sent it to my personal trainer with a lot of crying emoji’s and that was when the seriousness well and truly kicked in.

Weight Loss Wk 1-12

Above is a week-by-week showing of how much I lost. I didn’t set out to do a twelve week challenge but the template was a constant motivation that was sitting in my camera roll.

During the first week that I began healthy eating, I was on holiday in Bath and Cornwall and it was somewhat challenging at times. We had to accommodate to what I could eat rather than what the Mr wanted (he’s the best, I’m well aware!) and it was the first time that I’d really listened to my body about what I ought to be feeding it rather than what my mind wants for comfort.

During the first week, I did a lot of walking and a quick 30 minute FaceTime workout with my personal trainer. I was upset when I stepped on the scales to see that I’d lost nothing because I had really tried, but that was only the beginning of the up-and-down motion when it comes to losing weight.

My biggest weight loss throughout the entire twelve weeks was three pounds. I was over the moon when the scales told me how much I’d lost and that was by far, the biggest “you can really do this” moment which I had so desperately wanted and needed.

Granted, there are weeks where I lost nothing and let myself cry over it for a minute but loosing nothing was motivation to work harder the following week.

The biggest temptation and slip up has to be working in an office. It was around week eight of healthy eating when I started my new job and I was very determined not to fall off the bandwagon but within my first week, I saw signs that I knew it would be tricky i.e. McDonalds for lunch, Nando’s for lunch, chippy lunch on Friday or a lunch to the pub next door.

I have to have my lunch with me on a daily basis to not have temptation come my way. But I’ve given in once or twice (due to not having my lunch) and I’ve still lost the weight that week – it’s all about balance *rolls eyes*

Do I have a set goal in mind?

Yes, I most definitely do and I’ve still got a while to go until I reach it but as I’ve lost weight, I’ve felt a big difference in my body as well as my moods.


Body Dysmorphia

This is the topic that I was frightened to write about as I’ve never really acknowledged it outside my own brain.

Body dysmorphia disorder is a mental health condition in which a person spends a lot of their time worrying about their appearance and I guess a lot of people in the world do spend a fair amount of their life worrying about how they look.

But this is an aspect that I have really struggled with throughout my life and due to the fact that I am now making changes, I’m finally learning to love my body and the features that is has.

As a baby, I was quite chunky. I wasn’t overweight when I was born, doctors called it “normal” but the phases “buttie legs” and “thunder thighs” will always, always stick with me. This comes from a very close family member who probably means no harm and still to this day, I do hear it every now and then but it’s more of a “you’ve starting loosing weight on your legs, where’s the thunder gone?” kind of comment.

My parents signed me up to a dance school when I was around three years old and I absolutely loved it from the first session. Dance very quickly become my obsession and I put everything into it, completely ignoring my school studies and having a dream of being on the big stage.

Spoiler Alert: My knees stopped that big dream. Cheers guys!

With dancing came weight loss. I was a chunky baby, a chunky child and once I reached my teen years, I really started to loose the weight and that was because of dance. I looked up to Victoria Beckham; seeing how slim she was during the Spice Girls era and I wanted to be exactly like her.

I never stopped eating what I want but going in on my dance classes was the reason I lost so much weight.

So much so that my leotards were forever falling off my shoulders and don’t even get me started on the boobs because quite frankly, they didn’t exist.

That isn’t even beginning to touch the surface with my own personal body dysmorphia and being truthfully honest, I am going to leave it there. It was tricky for me to write about it, put it on the Internet and share it with god knows how many people.

I still have my moments of self doubt (I know we all do), but having a positive outlook on fitness this time around is really helping with my condition.


Meal Planning

When I signed up with my personal trainer, we briefly spoke about my current food situation and I was actually pretty embarrassed to tell him what I ate on a daily basis.

Straight away, I cut out sugar (chocolate, sweets, fizzy drinks) and the bad foods (chips, pizza, Chinese food, pasta, crisps). My body felt the difference straight away and with any cravings I had, I ate more fruit and veggies in order to shut the need for sugar to one side.

Yes, I still do have my cups of tea many times a day because I wouldn’t function with those. I do swap out my one sugar for a sweetener and surprisingly, I still like it.

After a few gym sessions, we started with a two week food plan which consisted of a lot of fish, chicken and foods that I really didn’t like – almonds, dates, hummus etc. It is one of those situations in which you know that will work out for the best in the long run.

Still don’t like almonds and hummus though!

When I was unemployed, meal planning was an absolute breeze but now that I’m in full time work, it is quite difficult and the planning has kinda fallen off the bandwagon but I still wanted to share what I eat during the week when I’m in the office.

6:00am – Cup of tea while I get ready
10:30am – Porridge (Tesco’s own with the tiniest bit of honey)
1:30pm – Salmon with brown rice
4:00pm – Handful of raisins and cashews
6:15pm – Chicken with a sweet potato and lots of broccoli

When I first began meal planning, I found that it really helped me with less snacking but it’s true what they say – the more healthy options you eat, the more you will loose. I do need to get my butt back into gear when it comes to meal planning though!

EL xx
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  1. I loved this post lovely, it’s so great to talk about these things. It can be so hard to cut foods out and try and eat healthy, I end up craving sugar and chocolate when I try to do the same Xx

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