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The Primark Skirt I Can’t Stop Wearing

I have always been self conscious about my legs.

But with my current weight loss journey, I’ve finally got my confidence back in how I feel about them and more importantly, how they look in tights, skirts and jeans now.

I began searching for skirts to wear for work – not overly short, a little bit stylish and not making my purse cry out in agony.

So where did I go?

Primark, of course!

Emma (34)

Primark (04)Primark (07)Primark (03)
Primark (02)

{Photos: Yasmine}

This skirt has completely changed the way I feel about my legs and I honestly never thought I would feel like this so soon.

I bought this tweed style grey skirt (£13) on a complete whim, falling in love with it on the hanger and the second I tried it on, I just felt like my old self all over again.

I purchased a size 12 and despite it being slightly big on me, it feels great – the fabric is comfortable, it doesn’t rise up, the colours are fantastic and it’s made me purchase two more skirts.

What else can I say?

EL xx
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