4 Festive Instagram Locations In London

I feel like I’m a legit blogger now that I’ve taken a photo of Annabel’s.

Each time I visit London, I always have a list of places I’d like to see, those recommended brunch spots and of course, the best photogenic areas.

Despite only having one full day in London, we managed to see a handful of the locations on my list and naturally, I wanted to share them with you in case you’re visiting soon.



Covent Garden

Covent Garden is quite possibly one of my favourite places in London. Whether you visit at Christmas time or during the Summer, it is such a beautiful place to wander round and the Apple Market is just the best!

This Christmas, the team have gone all out with plenty of photogenic decorations from the cars, the big hanging baubles and those seats that every single blogger has sat on.

Make sure to use #coventgardenchristmas on Instagram so they can see your images.

Top Tip: Go early and more importantly, go on a weekday to get photos with hardly anyone in the background.


The Streets: Oxford, Regent and Carnaby

Each time we visit London, I always look up because you never know what you may see (but you may walk into a bunch of people taking photos!).

There are many streets within London that decorate up top and they are so incredibly beautiful but I personally think Regent Street is my absolute favourite.

Photography the lights at night isn’t my speciality but there is just an added slice of magic when they’re all lit up!


The Doors Of London

It would seem that bloggers have a very strong attraction to doors.

You can literally go anywhere in London on the hunt for beautiful doors – Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Notting Hill, Kensington – just to name a few and you won’t be disappointed with the wonderful festive displays in which the owners showcase.

Top Tip: If you want a close up of the doors, either zone in or use Portrait Mode. I’m really not a fan of those who trespass just to get the shot.



I feel like I’m a legit blogger now that I have photos of Annabel’s ready for Instagram. But seriously, how beautiful is this display? I think they’ve won at life.

When we walked past Annabel’s, there were a lot of people taking photos and despite us being there on a Friday, it was very busy – not only with people but the amount of traffic meant you had to wait a couple of minutes to get a clear photo.

Top Tip: Go first thing in a morning when nobody else is around.

EL xx
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