Reflecting On 2018

2018 has been tough.

I think that goes without saying.

This year, it has been challenging to say the least and I genuinely can not wait for the clock to strike midnight on the 31st December.

I kinda hope 2019 is kinder to me!

Emma (30)

Emma (40)


Within the last twelve months, I have done my fair share of travelling with the Mr and we’ve both developed the love for exploring somewhere new.

We began the year with a trip to London where we watched the most spectacular musical on the West End: Aladdin. In March, we visited Harrogate for a short 24 hour stay which was a very quiet trip but one that we both needed. June saw us jetting off to Crete for our second Greek trip together and we absolutely loved it – Greece is most definitely one of our favourite places.

For our second year anniversary, we did a week long trip to three destinations in the UK: We began with Bath which has been a place on my travel list for quite a few years and it was such a pleasure to collaborate with Visit Bath during our time there. After our two days in Bath, we drove down to Cornwall in which we visited The Eden Project for our anniversary (again, it was a pleasure to collaborate with the team) and afterwards, we spent the night in Cardiff being completely drenched by the rain.

Seeing as the Mr turned 30 this year, I wanted to whisk him off somewhere for a week of celebrations and so, we chose to visit Amsterdam (my first time, his second) for a handful of days of fun, sight seeing and some well-needed quality time together. We then flew to Edinburgh for a couple of days in one of my all-time favourite places and I have most definitely fallen even more in love with the beautiful city.

Our final trip to the year was to the place we began the year: London. This time, we decided to go at the beginning of December for all the festive fun and also because we loved Winter Wonderland so much during our first visit together. A trip to London at the start / end of the year has become our unspoken tradition and quite frankly, we love it.

We have our first trip of 2019 planned and I am very, very excited to explore a new city!

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On Monday 7th May at 1:00am, my Nan passed away.

After battling cancer for a year or so, it was sepsis that got the better of her. Despite the fight in which she put up, we all knew that it was her time to leave us and join my Grandad up in the fluffy clouds above.

My Nan is still to this day, my best friend.

Nobody will ever realise what an incredible bond we had and I know for a fact that she would be proud of me for standing up to those horrible family members, voicing my opinion whilst remaining respectful of her at the same time

My Nan’s death wasn’t easy. It was very difficult to except that she’d gone but it was even more difficult that I had to deal with the aftermath of cruel family members and the constant pointing of the finger.

She was the most incredible lady, very strong minded, sarcastic and the best baker! I’ll always miss her and the pain will still remain with me but I know she’s still around in her own way. Probably to tell me to whisk the batter for a minute longer.

The Big Achievement

The best thing to happen in 2018 was the passing of my driving test.

After failing on the 19th December (thanks to the kid who ran out into the road when he should have been in school!), I was very determined to pass the second time round on the 5th February and thankfully, I did and with only four minors!

I am now the very proud owner of a red Corsa named Albus and oh my days, I absolutely love driving. I have very quickly developed a strong dislike of the M6 and people who don’t use their indicators but I really do love having my own car and the freedom that comes with it.

Let’s just ignore the parking fine and the accidental damage to my neighbours car, shall we?

**both have been paid

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Since July, fitness has become a big part of my life and I’ve been quite vocal about it in blog posts as well as on my Instagram Stories.

I didn’t expect to loose so much weight in a matter of months and I can’t even tell you how incredible I feel. Finding a personal trainer was by far, the best option for me and it’s so much easier than trying to figure out which exercise I should be doing for certain parts of my body.

I’ve still been loosing weight during December and I aim to carry on into the New Year but I will most definitely be having a treat or two on Christmas Day and Boxing Day (aka. my birthday).

Emma (38)

What a year, eh?

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has read my blog posts throughout the past twelve months. It is crazy to think that I’ve been blogging for six and a half years – seriously, where has the time gone?

I know I’m not the biggest blogger, I don’t stand out, I don’t voice my opinion as often as others do and there are some weeks in which I don’t have content but I still love my blog and the few collaborations in which are sent my way.

Who knows what 2019 will bring for me but I seriously hope it’s a lot kinder than this year has been.

Merry Christmas everyone! I’ll see you in the New Year.

Lots of love,
Emma xx

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  1. This was a real interesting post to read !
    Travelling can be so enriching and fun, especially when experienced with someone you love. Sorry to hear about your nan, It seems like she was an amazing woman!
    And well done on your drivers’ test and improved health, hope it continues going as you want it to for 2019!

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