3 Simple New Year Resolutions For Everyone

I have never been one to religiously set myself a resolution for the New Year.

Granted, I do set myself little goals like drink more water (I actually do this), join a gym (got myself a personal trainer), pass my driving test (done) and enjoy life (meh).

Everyone has different resolutions which they like to set and attempt to follow throughout the year but before February is upon us, those resolutions have been long forgotten and soon enough it’ll be a “I’ll start again next year” kinda job.

So I wanted to come up with three very simple resolutions which anyone can do for themselves, for others and for the planet.


Read More Books

How many hours do we spend on our phones throughout the day?

I am extremely guilty of spending more time scrolling from social media rather than reading my current book and seeing as I’m a big reader, this is bad for me!

In 2018, I read less than 30 books but I aim to improve that this year.

Whether you read the latest book from the supermarket, a 99p quick Kindle download or one which a publisher has sent to you, spending more time with your nose in a book is a lot better for your brain than if you were to be on social media.

For me, reading is the therapy that doesn’t cost a lot of money and I have found that when I’m feeling anxious, picking up a book and putting my phone on Do Not Disturb for a few hours is the best thing to do.

Give Something Back

When was the last time you gave some money to charity, bought a homeless person a meal from McDonalds or helped someone struggling to carry their shopping bags to the car?

For the past few months, I’ve been saving up my loose change and putting it into a charity bucket when I’m in the supermarket and it’s a nice feeling for you to have knowing that you’re doing something good in the world.

Being charitable means you’re helping someone who can’t help themselves.

Does helping someone make you feel negative? No, not in the slightest because if anything, it’ll make you feel like a good person and in reality, you’ve made that person’s day by lending a helping hand.

It is very hard to trust people these days and there will be the odd time when someone rejects your offer, but that’s absolutely fine.

Go A Little Bit Greener

Since David Attenborough did his documentary about the ocean, I’ve noticed a big difference in the blogosphere when it comes to helping our planet out.

There are a handful of every day changes that you can make in order to help the world out and they are unbelievably easy to do.

  • Swap the plastic straws for paper ones.
  • Take your own shopping bags.
  • Recycle (and do it correctly).
  • Take your own travel mug / bottle.

They are just three very easy resolutions to make during this year and once you get into the swing of doing them on a daily basis, they will become second nature to you and your routine.

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  1. These are such great, simple resolutions. Read More Books is actually on my list and I’m very excited about it!

    Happy New Year!

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