The One Scent For Spring

It was October when I last wrote a beauty post.

I haven’t been buying any makeup or any new skin care, so I hadn’t nothing to show and talk to you all about. I’m definitely not someone who purchases for the sake of the blog, that is for sure.

I did however receive a new bottle of Marc Jacobs perfume for my birthday and quite frankly, I need to blog about it because I have been spraying it like there’s no tomorrow.

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Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs is a scent that I have been obsessed with since our September 2017 trip to Crete when I purchased a set of four miniature Marc Jacobs perfumes in the airport before travelling home.

The scent is playful, light and yet it remains throughout the entire day.

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Daisy Eau So Fresh is a scent I know that I will continually wear throughout the year (and no doubt, I’ll need to repurchase).

With top notes of raspberry and grapefruit, the scent deepens into wild rose and a musky, sophisticated finish of plum and cedarwood.

I can not even begin to describe how beautiful this scent is. I’ve always been very faithful to Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream and I still very much use that perfume but not as often as this was. Daisy Eau So Fresh enables me to feel fresher, to smell a lot better and it’s a scent which lingers for quite a while which I really like.

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