Discovering Smashbox and Bobbi Brown

It is very, very rare that I treat myself to any high end beauty products.

I have my holy grail Roller Lash mascara from Benefit and the Natural face palette from Charlotte Tilbury but that’s about it as I’m much more of a drugstore kinda girl.

But with that being said, I treated myself towards the end of 2018 as not only was it my birthday but it was also a “well done for surviving such a bad year” present.

A girl can treat herself, can’t she?

high end (01)

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For many years, I’ve had a list of high end beauty products which I’ve always wanted to purchase but for my own reasons (i.e. feeling guilty for spending money on myself), I never have.

Until now, obviously.

But there is a little high end shop in Cheshire Oaks which stocks high end makeup at a lower price as the products were released several years ago and so, I spotted two products which caught my eye and well, my debit card came out…

high end (04)high end (05)high end (06)

I’ll begin with Smashbox as they are a brand whose products I’ve been eyeing up for quite some time, especially their eyeshadows as I have heard of the blogger grapevine that the pigmentation is superb.

They’re not wrong.

I purchased a single eyeshadow ($18 / £13.64) named Cinnamon which is a beautiful soft, shimmery bronze shade and I’m actually obsessed with the application as it blends like a dream.

The photo op eye shadows, available in ten beautiful neutral shades have a velvet formula, an even colour, high pigmentation and not only that but they’re cruelty free.

Now that I’ve added Smashbox to my beauty stash, I’m definitely going to continue using more of their products and treating myself every now and then.

high end (08)high end (09)high end (10)high end (11)

You can tell I’ve used this highlighter quite a lot purely from the amount of finger prints on the packaging.

Bobbi Brown was always a brand who I admired from a far but it was when one of my wonderful blogging friends, Maria worked with them back in 2017 that I decided it was about time that I purchased one of their products.

Highlighter is quite possibly my favourite part of doing my makeup and so when I spotted the range of Bobbi Brown highlighters, I knew that I was in for a real treat.

I opted for Sunset Glow (£36, unavailable) as it is a beautiful light pink shade and more importantly, it’s a colour that isn’t in my collection. But what I will say is that the pigmentation is quite light and it will give your cheeks a very subtle pop of colour for an every day look.

As a whole, I’m pleased that these two products slot nicely into my makeup collection as the colours suit my skin tone perfectly and even though they are out of my usual price range, it’s good to treat yourself every now and then.

Disclaimer: Both products were purchased with my own money and I have no working relationship with any of the brands mentioned.

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