Why I Am Taking Part In Dechox This Month

I have challenged myself to Dechox.

You may be thinking of what that is and essentially, I am giving up chocolate for February in support of the British Heart Foundation.

Whether it’s the last chocolate from the Celebrations tin or a cookie with the nephew, I’m saying no to anything with chocolate in it for twenty-eight days.

Anyone can take part. Anyone can sign up. Anyone can say no to chocolate and more importantly: anyone can raise money for a fantastic charity.


So why should you give up chocolate for the month?

The Benefits – Chocolate contains a lot of sugar and fat which isn’t best for your weight or health (I should know!). Taking part in the Dechox could be the push you need to walking towards a healthier habit.

The Challenge – Go head to head with a family member, your best friend or a colleague at work. Who can raise the most money? Winner should get the chocolate cake from the Bruce Bogtrotter scene in Matilda!

The Cause – Every penny that you and the people around you donate, it goes towards life saving research into heart disease.

If you struggle with not eating chocolate, the British Heart Foundation have given participants plenty of handy tips to take on board when those cravings hit: drink water, eat regularly, head towards the fruit bowl and go for a walk.

But if you really do find yourself struggling (hormones, you’re the reason babe), then there is a Choc-O-Pass in which you can donate £10 to yourself or a fellow Dechoxer in order for them to enjoy a chocolate without feeling guilty.

dechox (02)

So why am I taking part?

My Grandad had a triple heart-by-pass many, many years ago and despite all the wonderful work in which the doctors and nurses did for him, his heart will never be the same again.

I don’t know why I decide to take part, I kind of decided on a whim during January while watching Harry Potter on the sofa.

To me, it’s not just about giving up chocolate and loosing a bit more weight – it’s about raising money for a truly wonderful cause.

If you don’t want to take part in Dechox, then feel free to make my incredibly delicious cookies!

Disclaimer: I have no working relationship with the charity, just wanted to share their idea with everyone.

EL xx
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6 thoughts on “Why I Am Taking Part In Dechox This Month

  1. Oh gosh I’ve tried giving up chocolate for Lent the last two years. One time I did great but the second time I failed hard 😅

  2. I saw your post and decided that this is something I need to try! British Heart Foundation seem to be shadowed a little by other charities, such as Cancer Research or Children In Need, so it’s nice to be able to support this charity while doing something that will also benefit yourself.

    Have you set up a Just Giving page for this? I’d love to be able to support you as well as raise funds for the BHF via my own Just Giving page –

    Good luck with your dechox!

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