The Face Masks Which Saved My Skin

I have always been lucky with my skin.

I’ve never had acne, I’ve never had a major breakout but I do get spots when I’ve eaten bad foods and I’ve also had the occasional allergic reaction rash.

It was Victoria who introduced me (and the rest of her viewers) to the L’Oreal Pure Clay face masks. I would have never turned to a makeup brand for skin care before and now, I rely heavily on them and their incredible products.

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Within the collection, there are five face masks which individually work on your skin and yes, you can wear more than one at a time.

The first mask I purchased was the Blemish Rescue Mask aka. the one that transforms you into a Smurf. I’ve spoken about this mask before and it is quite possibly my favourite out of the three in which I’ve tried out.

This particular mask has been designed to help with blemishes, targets the pores, unclogs blackheads and also clears any imperfections.

I can not even begin to tell you how grateful I am for this face mask as I’ve seen a huge difference in my skin throughout the past few months. Knowing that if I apply it on a Sunday evening for 10 minutes, I’ll wake up on Monday morning with super smooth skin which makes applying makeup a lot easier.

l'oreal face (02)

This was the one mask that I purchased during Winter 2018 as my skin was feeling very dull, lifeless and quite frankly, it needed a boost without going abroad for a tan.

The Bright Mask does exactly what it says on the pot: it brightens, it buffs away dead skin and leaves your skin feeling fresh. I personally use this mask on my T-zone as well as my chin seeing as those tend to be my problematic areas but every now and then, I’ll apply it to my cheeks and the aftermath is unreal.

I’ve never known my cheeks to look and feel so energised before. I’m definitely going to use this mask more often – especially after a flight!

l'oreal face (03)

The Glow Mask is the new one to my little collection and I bought it due to the fact that I wanted a natural glow on my skin without people wondering if I was pregnant or wearing too much highlighter.

The mask is designed to illuminate the tone and exfoliate your skin without it drying out. In all honesty, I haven’t seen a huge difference in my skin with this mask as of yet and it is quite similar to the Bright Mask in terms of what it does.

I’m definitely going to continue using it in hope that it’ll do wonders for my skin.

L’Oreal recommend that you use the individual mask twice a week, but I personally think that doing one every night can be a bit of an overkill for your skin. I tend to use the Blemish Rescue on a Sunday evening, the Bright on a Wednesday evening and then the Glow on a Friday so my skin is prepped for the weekend ahead.

Overall, my skin wouldn’t be as great as it is today without these three masks and I’m so pleased that L’Oreal decided to branch out and produce a skin care range because they are truly fantastic. I still need to try the Purity Mask and the Detox Mask but for some unknown reason, I’m yet to spot them in any of my local stores!

Disclaimer: All products were purchased with my own money and I have no working relationship with the brand.

EL xx
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