Five Bloggers Who I’m Supporting This Galentines Day

Galentines Day.

The day to support those wonderful women in your life – Mum, Nan, sister, girlfriend, best friend, cousin, the female who isn’t blood family but she certainly feels like it…

Just like last year, I wanted to shout out a handful of bloggers who I admire and want to celebrate on Galentines Day.

Galentines Day (01)

Ok, I had to start with Ellie because quite frankly – I love this girl.

I’ve followed her content for around a year or so now and I’m border line obsessed with everything in which she creates but most of all, she’s a fantastic person to talk to and to have a laugh with.

Her photos are out of this world, her content is very relatable (especially this post) and whenever I’m having one of those “I’m not good enough to be a blogger” moments, I just have a nosy at what she’s creating and I’m inspired all over again.

Galentines Day (02)

Kelly is a blogger who I have followed for absolute years.

It’s of recent months that I’ve seen her content really flourish and develop as she evolves her style and quite frankly, she is quickly becoming one of my favourite travel bloggers.

From the hotels she stays in, to the city break to Prague – her content is unique, original and she makes me want to constantly engage as there is something quite captivating in how she delivers to her readership.

Galentines Day (03)

Jordan is most definitely one of a kind and I mean that in the best way possible.

I think a lot of bloggers will agree with me when I say that her content over on Instagram continually gets better and better with each photo that she posts. It’s almost as if she knows what she wants to create, goes out in true style and excels all of her expectations.

I will never tire of seeing what Jordan creates next.

Galentines Day (04)

I couldn’t write this post without including one of my oldest blogging friends, Sophie.

I’ve known Soph for around five years, both being bloggers in Liverpool (v. happy she moved back!) and it’s always nice to catch up with her over a brew to see what’s going on in each other’s lives. As nice as it is to speak to bloggers online, it’s also even nicer to chat in person.

When it comes to Soph and her content, I know a lot of (such as myself) find her content to be thought provoking. She makes me want to be a happier person, to care less and to succeed in life because quite frankly, Soph is killing it right now.

Galentines Day (05)

And lastly, my favourite Scottish person (and person – sorry Sir Alex) – Charlotte.

Where do I begin with this lady? I’m proud. I’m a really proud blogging friend of Charlotte right now and rightly so as she has completely taken her business by storm. From tips and tricks, to fantastic workshops to always knowing the answer when someone is struggling with blogging.

Charlotte is hands down, my favourite blogger of all time.

EL xx
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