Films I’ve Watched Recently – Take One

Is there anything better than curling up in bed of an evening, watching a film and completely winding down from the day?

I think not.

While I survived from horrific tonsillitis the other week, I spent majority of my time on bed rest (doctor’s orders but not complaining) watching Netflix.

Just like my TV show recommendation series, I wanted to share with you all the five films which I’ve watched recently and you never know – you may find a recommendation or two!

Oh and it’s worth noting that all of these films are available to watch on Netflix.

Films 01

Bird Box is the one film that you can’t escape from on social media as pretty much everyone was talking about it when it was first released. When I watched it with my parents, all I knew was that Sandra Bullock had her eyes covered and that was it. I knew nothing about the back story and I’d heard nothing but fantastic things from the online world.

Honesty? I think it was slightly overhyped. Yes, it’s a brilliant film but I thought it would have been a lot more frightening than it actually was. You never saw the monster, you just saw leaves dancing in the wind, you heard horrible voices but that never gave me the scare factor and that’s coming from someone who frightens very easily.

I do, however, think it is a film worth watching. It’s one that you can really sink your teeth into and the flashbacks are placed brilliantly within the plot. The ending was not what I expected in the slightest but if you know the outline of the story before you watch it, you can easily guess what happens.

Films 02

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (based on the book) is yet another film which has been spoken about a lot on social media and rightly so as it is a truly lovely narrative which allows audience to feel uplifted once it’s ended.

As you can imagine from the title, it’s a romance film. Girl meets boy, they pretend to be in a relationship to make two people jealous and before they can blink, they’ve accidentally fallen heads over heels in love with each other.

It’s an easy plot to follow, especially after a long day but it’s one that I really enjoyed but I just wished I’d read the book before hand.

Films 03

How To Be Single is such a bad film. So bad that it’s actually good. There’s no real plot line to it – girl and boy break up, girl moves to New York and tries to be single but surprisingly, it doesn’t end the way you’d expect it to (which I kinda liked).

The plot is funny in parts but other than a few lines from Rebel Wilson, nobody learns how to be single so it’s a pointless film. If you want to watch something that is light hearted and doesn’t need your full attention, then this one for you.

Films 04

My Best Friend’s Wedding has been a film to watch on my list for quite some time and it was the recent media attention that gave me the kick up the backside to watch it.

Now this is a classic film which I can most definitely get on board with – the narrative may be predictable, but the cast are perfect for the roles and I am now completely obsessed with the entire film.

Even though it’s a typical best friend loves other best friend film, it doesn’t go the way you think it would which I really liked. Predictable love films seem to be falling a bit flat in my opinion at the moment.

Films 05

Bad Moms is quite possibly the worst film I’ve watched in a very long time, but it’s so bad that it’s actually enjoyable and very funny in parts.

With a marriage breakdown and two new school mums by your side, the aim of this narrative is to be as “bad” as you like and yet in reality, being sassy in a supermarket and not making your children breakfast isn’t all that bad.

It should probably be called Tame Moms! It’s a bad film which is kind of alright.

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