Creating A Quick & Easy Breakfast: Egg Muffins

I’m still very much one of those people who can’t always be bothered to have breakfast.

But if I do, I’ll opt for an easy option of a bagel or cereal – minimal effort and can be eaten within a few minutes.

Since I’ve been exercising more frequently and making better food options, I’ve found that breakfast doesn’t always have to be bread or fibre that floats in milk.

Breakfast can actually be interesting and I’ve found the exact recipe.

Egg Muffins (01)

Egg Muffins (02)Egg Muffins (03)

Egg muffins have changed the way I look at breakfast.

They’re full of protein, they’re light, they can be frozen, they can be reheated within seconds in the microwave and you can put pretty much anything inside them.

I’ve seen quite a few food bloggers making these recently and so, I wanted to give them a shot and to my surprise – not all of them turned out to resemble Yorkshire puddings.

I went for three different types of filling:

  • Cheese, onion and spinach
  • Mushroom, spinach and chorizo
  • Broccoli and mushroom

Egg Muffins (07)Egg Muffins (09)Egg Muffins (13)

 These are extremely easy to make and the ingredients list won’t damage your bank balance either.

I used four eggs for each set of muffins along with a pinch of salt. Once they have been whisked, I threw in my ingredients for the different styles of muffin – chopped onion, a handful of cheese, teared spinach, slices of chorizo, stems of broccoli and sliced mushroom.

Using a muffin / cupcake tray, pour the mixture in (I used a jug!) but only fill up just past a quarter. I learnt this mistake very quickly with the first batch that I made and that’s why a few of them turned out like Yorkshire puddings.

Cook the muffins at 180°C for 20 minutes.

They can be eaten straight away (I wasted no time in doing that) or you can let them cool but ensure they are kept in an air tight container so they don’t turn funny.

These are great for in the office or those days when you’re rushing out the door!

EL xx
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