Four Bloggers To Support On International Women’s Day

Being a part of the Blogosphere is fantastic.

There is always someone new to follow, an endless amount of blog posts to read and Instagram photos to double tap on.

But sometimes within the blogging community, it’s difficult to have your work seen and with the wonderful bloody shite Instagram algorithm, it seems to be getting harder than ever these days for your followers to see what you’re posting.

Just like last year, I wanted to shout out a handful of bloggers whose content I have been absolutely loving recently.


I need to start with Natalie because holy Dumbledore, she has completely transformed her Instagram feed and it is just absolutely incredible.

Natalie has been creating these well thought out images for around a year and I’m in complete admiration for how creative she is. I’m not entirely sure where her inspiration comes from but what I do know is that I’m always looking forward to seeing what she creates next.


Frances is one of those girls who everybody wants to be friends with and for the simple reason: she’s a truly lovely person.

It isn’t just her content which I’ve been enjoying recently, but it’s more so the fact that she’s decide to take the plunge and go after her dream career of being a nurse. I have zero interest in health care but it has been really interesting to hear about why she’s decided to do it now and how she is getting on at University.

Plus, we both agree that Luther in that grey coat is a solid 10/10.


I had to include a fellow Liverpool blogger into my list, didn’t I? I discovered Erin’s Instagram feed not to long ago and ever since, I’ve been obsessed.

She has one of those fashion styles which I could never pull off in a million years but I always enjoy seeing the outfits in which she pulls together but it’s just effortless.

I am very much looking forward to hopefully shooting some photos with her soon!


Last but no means least, it’s Brogan.

Ask me what I’m doing at 6pm every Monday evening and I’ll more than likely respond with “watching Brogan’s weekly vlog.” This young lady is real – you’ll see her cry, you’ll see her struggle, you’ll see her talking about what it’s really like to be a content creator and to me, that is very refreshingly as not a lot of people within the industry discuss it.

Her weekly vlogs are like a tub of Pringles – once you watch one, you’ll end up watching another and another…

EL xx
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