The Laptop Which Makes Blogging Easier

Technology is not my strong point.

When it’s time for a new iOS update, I ask the Mr to do it for me and when my laptop finally gave up on me, I turned to him once again to help me hunt down the best one.

In terms of knowing what I wanted in a new laptop, I wasn’t particularly fussed about the brand or how much storage it had but what I did know is that I wanted it to be light weight as well as quick and efficient.

I found exactly what I was looking for and then some.

Laptop 01

Laptop 02Laptop 03Laptop 04

The HP Pavilion 14″ Intel Pentium Gold Laptop (£399.00) is absolutely fantastic.

Not only is it great for when it comes to doing daily tasks such as a simple spreadsheet or writing a blog post, but it effortlessly streams Netflix shows and can hop from tab to tab within seconds.

I never had this with my old laptop.

It took over ten minutes to load a spreadsheet and then it would freeze. It would take over two hours to get everything done just for one blog post. It wouldn’t even allow me to download Netflix and don’t even get me started on going from tab to tab because it was just ridiculous.

I never appreciated having a quick laptop before, but now I do and I really enjoy using it on a daily basis.

Laptop 05Laptop 06Laptop 07

Purchasing a laptop which is almost £400 is a big ask and even though I didn’t particularly have a set price in mind, I did know where my limitations were.

In regards to the battery life, it lasts up to 11 hours (I turn the brightness down to squeeze that extra bit out) and you can also turn on the battery saving power when your laptop hits a certain percentage – I think mine is 40%.

Originally, this wasn’t the laptop that I was going to purchase from Curry’s as I had something completely different set in my mind but the storage was awful and quite frankly, the Mr wasn’t going to let me purchase it and then complain about lack of storage. But with the HP Pavilion 14″, you get 4 GB of storage which is ideal for me.

What more do you need to know?

The sound quality is superb, it’s extremely lightweight, the battery charges within 45 minutes (I mean, wow!) and you’re able to download apps within seconds.

It’s just incredible and it’s literally taken me no time at all to get everything set up for this blog post which makes planning and producing content a lot easier.

Disclaimer: This laptop was purchased with my own money and I have no working relationship with HP or Curry’s. I just wanted to chat about a new product which I love.

EL xx
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