How Creating A Signature Photo Boosted My Instagram Following

I’m a small blogger.

A teeny, tiny small blogger who has been in the Blogosphere for 6.5 years and is still struggling to grow her following, but you can’t take it to heart, can you?

In early 2017, I really started taking my Instagram feed seriously. I shared images which I really loved and despite the likes and comments, it was my Sunday photo that always came out on top.

Sock Sunday 01

Sock Sunday 02

It was in February 2017 that I first posted my signature photo and ever since, I have thoroughly enjoyed shooting them.

It’s a fairly simple photo: my legs, a pair of jazzy socks and I tend to lay a book next to me along with balancing a cup of tea on the bed sheets (yet to have any spillages!).

What can I say other than it just works?

I have created so many of these #socksunday photos throughout the two years and I know for a fact that they’re the reason why my following has grown: I’m consistent with posting them, I’m consisted with sharing my current read and without sounding big headed – I know that people enjoy them.

Sock Sunday 03Sock Sunday 04

I try my best to post a variety of photos on my feed – snippets of Liverpool, a few of my face, lots from my travels (kinda over did it with my Amsterdam ones) but my book ones are also the most popular.

I do believe that is because of my background within reviewing books – people know they can trust my opinion and so when I share them on my feed, they know it’s 100% legit and I’m not just posting it for the sake of it.

I had just under 1,000 followers before I started posting my #socksunday photos and since then, my following has grown a little bit. To some people, growing by 700+ within two years is very slow but to me, it’s doesn’t really matter as these photos are the reason why my account has organically grown.

These photos are most definitely going to keep appearing on my feed and I absolutely love sharing them with everyone!

Disclaimer: Some of the books in the photos were kindly gifted to me from publishers.

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  1. I know I started following you about a year ago after looking at the Instagram feed on your blog. It has a warm feeling. Keep the #socksunday pictures coming!

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