14 Things To Do During Your First Visit To Prague

Prague is a truly beautiful place to visit.

We spent around 65 hours, exploring our way through the beautiful streets, soaking up the sights (and the sun!) as well as eating the most delicious food.

Just like my guide to Amsterdam, I wanted to share a number of things that you can do during your first visit to Prague – simply as a guide and 10 of them are 100% free!

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#1. Old Town Square is the main area of Prague; filled with bars and restaurants, people dressed up as giant polar bears and it is the go-to place if you’re wanting to do a walking tour or a hop on / hop off bus tour.

I found that the best time to visit was around 9am as it is eerily quiet but it gives you the chance to capture the beauty of the square. We found that during Friday evening and Saturday morning, the crowds really started to gather and if that isn’t your scene, then I strongly suggest visiting during a weekday.

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#2. The Astronomical Clock is truly spectacular and well worth a visit to see! Installed in 1410, it is the oldest clock in the world which still actually works.

Every hour, large crowds gather in front of the clock to watch it strike and despite us not sticking around to see it, I can understand the hype around it as it is a beautiful sight to see. For a price of 250 CZK (£8.33), I do believe you can have a historical tour of the clock tower, the halls as well as the underground areas – kinda wish we knew about this before hand!

Visit Price: FREE! Unless you purchase tickets…

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#3. The Jewish Quarter of the city is one that wasn’t on my to-see list but once you start walking in a certain direction, it’s good to just go with the flow and before we knew it, we’d stumbled across an area that smelt of money.

Majority of the area is filled with expensive shops such as Gucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton as well as gorgeous buildings that are perfect for Instagram content when you’re running low on photos.

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#4. Manes Bridge is the one you want to cross to visit Letna Park (coming next!) but it is also ideal if you want to see Charles Bridge and the castle all at once and it is worth the extra walk because the view is just beautiful.

The bridge is the quieter of the two so if you’re wanting to be away from the crowds but still enjoying the view, I’d recommend visiting this one as well.

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#5. Letna Park is a bit of a walk but believe me when I say: the views of Old Town and the castle are most definitely worth it.

The park itself isn’t anything special – grass, a children’s area, lots of dogs (the best bit, let’s be honest) but there are plenty of areas in which you explore to see the city from above. It is most definitely worth the steps!

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#6. Manifesto Market was the main food recommendation from people on Instagram. With it being a 15 minute walk from Old Town Square, it’s a great place for lunch but be warned: they only take card and they do have a few rules about what you can and can’t do within their area.

Weird right? The pizza is worth it.

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#7. The Jazz Boat is a great idea if you struggle for things to do in an evening as we’re a couple who gets bored easily so sight seeing all day is a must for us but it’s also nice to be enjoying ourselves whilst not rushing around.

For two and a half hours of beautiful music, we paid 1,628 CZK each (£54.24) and it’s safe to say that we were very lucky as we originally booked a shared table in the middle of the boat with restricted views of the city. But as the boat started sailing, we were offered a window seat for no extra charge which made our evening even more special. You are given a map of the route and even though we think it was cut short (no sight of the Dancing House!), it was still a very enjoyable evening.

Visit Price: 1,628 CZK (per person)

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#8. Breakfast at Venue is as fresh as food comes as it is all brought from the market right outside the café doors. Incredible right?

It’s a small spot, the service is very quick and the food options are fantastic. The Mr opted for the buttermilk pancakes served with chocolate and mandarin sauce with a mint and sour cream (185 CZK = £6.16) and I opted for scrambled eggs with a side of crispy bacon (175 CZK = £5.83). I think this was my favourite breakfast out of the three that we had and if we’d known about the food on our first day, we would have eaten here three days in a row – it’s that good!

Visit Price = Charge of your food / drink

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#9. Charles Bridge is the Brooklyn Bridge of Prague – always busy! We left the main sight until our second day when the crowds weren’t as big but we definitely need to more time to explore as we decided to depart down some steps rather than carry on to the town (reason why coming next!).

The bridge is full of history, breath taking views of the city and river as well as local artists showcasing their work on the bridge. Prague seems to love jazz music (as do I) and so it was rather lovely to be listening to it whilst walking along the bridge.

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#10. The John Lennon Wall is an Instagram hot spot and don’t be fooled by the photos as we had to wait ten minutes before claiming our right to snap away.

The wall is filled with graffiti, a memory to John Lennon (who has never visited Prague!) but it is certainly magnificent and worth a visit to see on your way to the castle.

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#11. Prague Castle was one of the main sights on my list when we booked our trip and we both really liked the option of the choice of ticket. We opted for B which gave us five areas to explore: St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica and Golden Lane with Daliborka Tower (250 CZK = £8.33).

Even though we had plenty to do, I felt as if we never got to see the real Prague Castle and with that being said, I was slightly disappointed but for the price of what it was – you can’t beat it.

Visit Price = Depending on your ticket brand

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#12. Naplavka Riverbank is the best place in the city for a photo of the river and Charles Bridge. Even though it was on my list, we stumbled on it by complete accident and it was well worth the mini detour as I’m very happy with how the photos turned out.

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#13. The smallest house in Prague is such a novelty but it had to be done on our final evening and my guess is that not a lot of people know about this as the street was completely empty. It’s just a house, a super small house but it’s cute and makes for a fun Instagram photo, right?

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#14. Eat a chimney cake just the all the over tourists! These are all over Instagram when you search for Prague and now I understand why because they’re a local treat. You can’t walk for more than a few minutes without a bakery selling them and you’ll almost be stuck for choice as there are a lot of options – ice cream, chocolate, cream, nuts, strawberries, plain etc.

Visit Price: Depending on bakery

I hope you liked my guide to Prague and the things in which you can do during two days in the beautiful city. There are a lot more sights to see but we only touched the basics so it’d be worth another trip sometime in the future.

EL xx
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