A New Perspective Of Liverpool

One thing you should know about me is that I love seeing a city from above.

When we went to Bath in July, we visited the top of the Abbey and the views were absolutely breath taking but for a very long time, I’ve wanted to see what Liverpool had to offer from up above.

Recently, the Royal Liver Building have opened their doors to the public for a 70 minute tour of the iconic building and so, I jumped at the chance to book tickets for my Mum and I during a day off.

RLB360 (01)

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Your tour begins with a little bit of waiting as you need to arrive a solid 20 minutes before your scheduled tour time but the reception area has been kitted out with plenty of reading material as well as a beautiful sculpture of the building itself.

Once your tour begins, you instantly take the lift up to the 10th floor in which you will come face to face with Bella, the Liver Bird who is facing the River Mersey. This is the first chance you’ll get to see the Wirral and a little bit of the Albert Dock.

RLB360 (04)

In between the two viewing platforms, you are taken behind the clock of Bella to view a short projected film all about Liverpool.

I honestly think that this was my favourite aspect of the tour – it has a little hint of magic throughout, it’s emotional and it allows you to love the city that little bit more. The film features aspects of Hillsborough, the War, the creation of the building and the birth of Sir Paul McCartney.

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After climbing a fair amount up the spiral stairs (which I strongly dislike), you will reach the 15th floor in which you will be able to see a lot more of Liverpool and the other Liver Bird, Bertie.

I was slightly disappointed by how overcast the weather was on the day we visited but you can’t really control that, can you?

The views are absolutely spectacular – you can see the North and South Docks, the Cathedral, the Radio Tower, the Wirral and on a really clear day, you’re able to see mountains (don’t ask me which ones as my geography is shocking!).

I would highly, highly recommend doing a tour of the Royal Liver Building. Your tour guide is full of information, they’re all extremely friendly and if you get lucky like I did, you’ll end up having nobody else on the tour with you!

The tickets are priced at £15 for anyone who is 16 years and older, but for children between the ages of 7-15, the tickets are £10.

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  1. I visited Liverpool for a day in December last year for the first time in years and found a new love for the city. This is something I’d love to do next time I visit, as I’d love to spend a good few days in Liverpool!

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