Glamour On The Go With Givenchy

When you hear the word Givenchy, you automatically think of glamour.

I have wanted to get my hands on their Glamour On The Gold palette for quite a few months now after seeing it on the way home from our Amsterdam trip and so you could imagine my excitement when World Duty Free very kindly gifted me the palette.

The best thing is, they didn’t even know I had my eye on it. Sheer luck!

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Glamour On The Gold is one of the best selling makeup pieces from Givenchy this year and with three individual tiers, the palette is a complete look from start to finish and is ideal for travelling.

Standing at a fantastic price of £57.70 at World Duty Free (which you can reserve and collect upon arrival), this gold inspired palette will come in handy for date night, weddings, parties and for the glam evenings during your holiday.

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The top tier focuses on creating a radiant complexion with a silky powder of Prisme Visage as well as a segment of Prisme Blush.

This powder is perfect for on the go touch ups just in case the heat gets a little bit too much for the forehead, but I was actually surprised by how light weight it feels on the skin. I only trust one powder and I have used it continually for many years, but I must say that this Givenchy powder is incredible. The blush is bright, a little bit too bright for my skin tone but if you are opting for a rosy cheek vibe then this is one to keep your eyes on. The pigment is easy to blend in case you apply to much and it wears really well throughout the night.

The middle tier is probably my favourite as I’m trying my best to experiment a little bit more with eyeshadows recently rather than just doing my usual look. There are seven shades in total – a little gold, a deep blue, a deep green, a deep gold, a white, a hot pink and a burgundy. There are no names to the shades but with seven being included in the palette, there is quite the variety of eye looks in which you can create. The pigment is great, easy to blend and the colours work beautifully together – my personal favourites are the gold and burgundy.

The bottom tier is a selection of three travel minis which any girl would want included in her makeup bag. The magic khol (eyeliner) is what I would have used about ten years ago but seeing as I opt for liquid eyeliner rather than pencil, I’ve not really given this one much use. Potentially, it would come in handy if my liner ran out or I’d forgotten it. The mascara is definitely my favourite out of the trio – the wand is ideal for my super small lashes and even though it applies very lightly, the lashes look incredible after several coats and you don’t have the spider legs look which is even better. As for the lipgloss, this is one which my teenager self would have worn and never been able to pull off as the colour just isn’t right for my skin shade but when purchasing items like this, that is the risk you have to take.

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The Glamour On The Gold palette is ideal for anyone who is looking for a high end makeup product which can give you an entire look without rooting through your makeup bag to find the next item.

If we manage to book a summer holiday, this is most definitely coming with me!

EL xx
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Disclaimer: World Duty Free kindly gifted this product in exchange for a blog post.