My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing


Published: 2nd May 2019
Publisher: Michael Joseph
Pages: 384


This is a story about a married couple. They met, fell in love, had two beautiful children. So far, so ordinary. But they have a very dark secret. It’s a story with a twist and then another and another. You might think you’ve read stories like this before. You’d be wrong. By the end of the first chapter you’ll be hooked. At page fifty you might not sleep until you finish and when you turn the last page, you’ll ask yourself one question: How well do you really know the person you love most?


It is extremely impossible to spoil this book for future readers as the blurb gives nothing away and seeing as I read the plot without knowing a single detail, I think others should do the exact same.

I reached for the closest thing. It was right next to me, leaning against the wall. A tennis racket.”

Millicent, the wife and her husband whose name readers do not discover, share a secret. One in which they didn’t intend to embark on, one in which began as protection for their family and ever since, the ball has continued to keep on rolling. The relationship between the pair is solid; it’s clear that they love one another and that they would do anything for their two children. They lead simple lives – living in a beautiful town, semi-successful jobs and enough money in the bank to not worry about the future. But they’re dark people who do horrific things.

It doesn’t make sense why they are in the house, much less in the pantry. Eye drops don’t need to be hidden.”

Together, Millicent and her nameless husband conjure up a plan which accidentally brings the attention of the police and local news team into the situation, but that doesn’t stop them. In fact, it pushes them to continue doing what they’re doing and the outcome is absolutely superb. I honestly didn’t think the plot would go the way that it did but all in all, Samantha is a truly clever writer and I enjoyed every single chapter within the narrative. Despite this review being shorter than my others (which I am sorry for), but I honestly can not say much without spoiling the plot – once you know what Millicent and her husband do, everything else will be spoilt and for fellow readers, I do not want that. What I will say is this: My Lovely Wife is one of my favourite books of 2019 and Samantha is an outstanding writer.

Disclaimer: I purchased this book but I sometimes have a working relationship with the publisher.