A Little Luxury With Radley

To me, owning a Radley handbag is a piece of luxury, one in which I ought to save for and I can vividly remember being seventeen years old, standing in the Liverpool store, knowing that I’d earned enough money from my weekend pub job to treat myself.

Fast forward twelve years later and I’m still in love with the brand.

It was just over a month or so ago that the Mr and I were in Cheshire Oaks, with the exciting news of my new job in the air, I decided to treat myself to a new Radley bag – the one I’d had my eye on since Christmas.

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Medium in size, black in colour with rose gold detailing, the Penhurst zip-top cross body bag is everything I’ve been looking for and more.

It is lightweight, the detailing in minimal yet effective, there are several compartments aside from the main one and it fits a great deal inside. The bag is a classic style with adjustable straps (always a must in my eyes!) and it is ideal for any occasion. 

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With purchasing this particular Radley bag during a Cheshire Oaks shopping trip, I was able to save a good £100 from the original asking price.

I do believe that if you’re in the brand store and you like a particular piece, then go for it but in the several Radley stores we looked in, the bag was either unavailable at the time or it was sold out.

For this Penhurst bag, I paid £64.00 in their Cheshire Oaks store. On the website, the price was originally stated at £169.00 and so, you can imagine how pleased I am to have saved quite a lot of money.

Since the purchase, the bag has been fantastic – no scratch marks, no scuffs and when it’s not in use, it remains within it’s dust bag which you receive upon purchase.

I just know that I’ve made a solid, luxury investment with Radley and I’ll certainly be going back into store in a few years time for another purchase.

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Disclaimer: This is post is not sponsored or in association with Radley in any way. All products seen in the images have been paid for with my own money.

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