A MakeUp Look That’ll Make Your Skin Glow This Summer

My makeup never changes.

I’ve been loyal to the same brand products for a number of years now, but every now and then, I add a new addition into the mix in order to hopefully enable my makeup to look a little bit better than previous years.

Emma (80)

Emma (78)

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For a base, I’ve never used foundation. I’ve mentioned this a few times within the past few years on my blog but my skin just hates it. I’ve tried multiple ones out but it’s just not for me and quite frankly, I enjoy having my freckles out on show.

I always use the Max Factor Smooth Miracle Primer before applying the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in the shade Ivory, followed by the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in the shade Fair. Both of these concealers work brilliantly for my skin, they cover up any blemishes that I may have and they last all day without any movement.

For eyes, I’ve been using the MakeUp Revolution Flawless Palette for a number of weeks. Depending on the colour of my outfit, I’m trying to match my eyes up with it – something which I haven’t done in recent years but more of an effort is being made at the moment. There are a mixture of clothes which I enjoy using especially the shade named Brew – a personal favourite of mine. All of the eyeshadows are of great pigmentation and they blend effortlessly.

When it comes to liquid eyeliner and mascara, I’ve always gone back to two brands whose products have become holy grails of mine – L’Oreal Ultra Precision Liquid Eyeliner and Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. When it comes to eyeliner, I need a product that is smooth, easy to use, doesn’t have a long application point and well, the L’Oreal one just works wonders for me. For mascara, my eyelashes are practically non existent but the Roller Lash gives them a boost of volume without enabling them to look fake.

As for bronzer, blush and highlighter, I’ve been using three new products which I picked up from a recent trip to Prague. I’ve been using a little bit of the Benefit Hoola Bronzer for contour during the past few weeks and I’ve noticed that I only need the tiniest bit of power on my brush as it is highly pigmented. With blush, I’ve been opting for Dandelion which is enclosed in the Cheekleaders palette – it’s a light pigment so thankfully, I don’t resemble a clown if I apply a little bit too much. Highlighter is probably the reason why my skin has been glowing so much recently and I have Fenty Beauty to thank for that. I use the Lightning Dust / Fire Crystal duo and depending on the day, I mainly use Fire Crystal as the pigmentation is just beautiful.

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Disclaimer: This post is not associated with any of the named brands.