Learning To Dress My Body Shape

Before I began loosing weight almost a year ago, I would do anything to hide my body shape. I was at my heaviest, I’d always size up and the thought of having any part of me on show would give me the worst slice of anxiety.

Now that I am reaching my end weight goal and being the toning up section begins, I’ve learnt how to dress my new body shape.

To my surprise, it has allowed me to feel so much better about the skin that I’m in.

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I’m a 5 foot 3 woman who finally has her BMI under control and since shifting over two stone, I’ve found that shopping is much more enjoyable for me now.

I have a boyfriend who helps me choose clothes, lifting up suggestive pieces in the middle of New Look and without his help, I still think I’d consistently be wearing over sized pieces and hiding my figure.

My body shape is little on top but big on bottom – my thighs are a little bit chunky (always have been), my boobs have shrunk down a cup size and more than anything, it’s my stomach that I’m still wanting to hide away because I’m just not 100% happy with it at the moment.

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During a shopping trip in Liverpool at the beginning of May, I discovered a brand called Cameo Rose who are stocked in New Look. They were a brand who I’d never heard of previously but within seconds, I knew that this particular dress would be ideal for my new body shape.

The black spot wrap dress is an item of clothing that I would have never worn before.

I would have instantly dismissed it, saying it wouldn’t flatten my shape and that it was far too short but now, it’s my most worn dress in my wardrobe and I absolutely love it.

With a V line neck, short sleeves and a non-functional button wrap, this dress is perfect for my body shape and it’s no wonder that I’m always wanting to wear it. Paired with trainers for a more casual look, black heels for date night or even flats for around the office – this dress is my go-to for any occasion recently.

In the images, I’m wearing a size 10 which is spot on for my body shape at the moment. The dress isn’t tight in any sense, there’s a little bit of room around the boobs (really ought to get that pinned!) and it isn’t too short for my liking.

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Disclaimer: This post is not associated with Cameo Rose or New Look in any way. All items shown in the images were purchased with my own money.



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  1. I love that dress, it’s so flattering! It’s so nice that your boyfriend helps pick outfits for you. I can’t tell if my boyfriend has terrible taste in clothes, or just picks out bad items so that I’ll stop asking for his help shopping haha

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