My Goals For The Rest Of 2019

At the beginning of each year, I tend not to set myself any resolutions for the simple reason that I tend to either break them after two weeks or I’m not motivated enough.

But for a number of years, I’ve had goals for the first part of the year and once we hit the middle of June, I tend to set myself some more until the end of December.

During January to June, I told myself to continue working out weekly, read more books, find a career I truly want and to focus on my mental health.

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The first goal that I really want to achieve is to save a lot of money.

During this first half of 2019, I’ve been able to book two upcoming holidays, purchase a brand new laptop as well as a Canon camera. I was fortunate enough to have money saved from my photography jobs as well as money from my 9-5 job but I really, really want to stamp down on the spending.

While I’m at work, I don’t spend a single penny and I’m quite lucky that I am paid on a weekly basis so I know I’ll never struggle for money.

However, the Mr and I have a big project coming up later in the year which I’m very excited for and so, I know that future Emma will be grateful for any money that I have managed to save up.

I don’t have a particular amount of money that I’d like to save but a few thousand would help with my need to spend every weekend.

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My second goal is to reach my overall goal weight.

I’ve been consistently working out with my personal trainer for 11 months and so far, I’ve managed to loose over two stone which naturally, I’m over the moon about.

Originally, I had a goal to be feeling good on the beach / pool side by June but with us not going abroad to Greece this year, I’ve kind of taken that goal to one side and created a new one.

I have a scale weight in mind but as of right now, the main aim is to get a flatter stomach. I’m completely happy with every other part of my body and how they’re looking since loosing weight, but the stomach is the number one priority at the moment.

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My third and final goal is to focus on myself.

I don’t particularly want to say a great deal about this as not only am I still working this out but I also have an upcoming blog post focusing solely on this topic.

What I will say is that this is a continual goal of 2019. I don’t particularly have an end result aside from feeling happier within myself but being true to who I am as a person and of course, cutting out the bullshit.

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6 thoughts on “My Goals For The Rest Of 2019

  1. It’s great that you’re setting yourself goals to work towards but it’s better that you’re setting really achievable and practical goals. The fact that you want to save money for your future projects is great and is such a nice mindset to be in. I too want to save money and focus on myself in many different ways, self care is gonna become a priority for me now. Thank you for sharing your goals! I can’t wait to see you achieve and succeed in them!
    Alex xx

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