Exploring Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door

For our three year anniversary, we spent a week travelling the coast of Southern England. We began with our first pit stop in Oxford before carrying on to Bournemouth where we spent a few hours exploring Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door.

Sitting next to each other, Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door are two breath taking places to visit when you’re in the area. Oh and a top tip: if you use the car park for one, you can use the same ticket to park at the other!

Lulworth Cove 08

Lulworth Cove 01Lulworth Cove 05Lulworth Cove 19

Lulworth Cove

We visited on a Wednesday around 2pm when there were quite a few families around as well as a few foreign school trips taking place. I think when considering a visit here, either go first thing in the morning or around sunset when nobody is around to really appreciate the beauty. The only thing that put a slight downer on our visit was the school trips – a lot of rude teenagers, screaming, pushing past between and playing incredibly loud music.

Nevertheless, Lulworth Cove exceeded all of my expectations. Formed by combined forces of the sea and a river which had been swollen by melting ice at the end of the previous Ice Age, Lulworth Cove is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and I am so pleased that the sun was shining during our visit.

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Durdle Door 21Durdle Door 02Durdle Door 09Durdle Door 07

Durdle Door

After visiting the Hole in the Rock whilst I was in New Zealand, seeing Durdle Door with my own eyes was another landmark on my list and I still can’t quite believe how similar they are.

With the ability to see the door from the natural cliff or up close by using the path to access the beach, just note that you’re going to enjoy a spectacular view no matter the angle in which you take. Durdle Door was created when the sea pierced through the Portland limestone and ever since, it has been the world’s most famous rock arch.

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If you’re in the Bournemouth area, then I highly recommend taking a trip to Lulworth to see the two beautiful landmarks.

EL xx
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