How A Red Midi Skirt Has Boosted My Confidence

Wearing red makes me feel like I am capable of anything.

I’m not sure if it’s the little voice in my head or my brain acknowledging the bright colour I’m wearing, but every time I wear an item of clothing which is red, I feel unstoppable.

The colour red is automatically known for anger, violence and blood. But it is also known for being an exciting colour, one in which can grab attention (just like road signs) and quite frankly, I am here for it.

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Imagery: Beth Stevens Photography

I have a few red items in my wardrobe – a little handbag, a dress, a pinafore but for a few weeks, I’ve been searching for a midi skirt to add into the colour scheme.

The search took me into every single shop and then my last resort was ASOS in which I spotted this particular River Island button through midi skirt (£26.00) and instantly fell in love.

In terms of my weight, I’ve always been one size bigger on the bottom, than on the top and for so long now, I’ve been used to being a 10 on the top and a 12 on the bottom – blame the Kardashian ass and the thunder thighs.

But when I did a little bit of research on the skirt and River Island’s sizing, I bravely ordered a size 10 and when it arrived, I felt amazing when I tried it on. The material feels soft, the sizing is spot on (to my absolute shock) and within a few minutes, I felt confident.

It’s funny what a red midi-skirt can do to your confidence.

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