Hi, I’m Emma Louise.
I’m a 26 year old British blogger with a love for reading, photography, social media, Harry Potter and sausage dogs. Oh and I never have an Instagram theme.

With a cup of tea in hands, I began blogging in June of 2012 when I had finished my Bachelor Honours degree in Creative Writing & Film Studies and ever since, I’ve been hooked. By day, you can either find me applying for jobs, writing blog posts, finding something to photograph or scrolling through social media (I am a blogger after all.)

owlsandstags – a blog name which I struggled to decide upon for years and years. Since I was little, I’ve always been fascinated by owls and in most recent years, stags have also become a firm favourite animal of mine. So naturally, I combined the two and voila!

Within my little space on the Internet, I blog about a variety of topics – books, beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle and travel. My Sunday posts regarding the highlights of my week have also become a firm favourite of readers and seeing as I enjoy writing them, I think they’re going to hang around a little.

For collaborations, please email me EmmaIsWriting@outlook.com but for more casual chats, pop me a tweet and of course, for all the pictures, head on over to my Instagram.

If you’d like to see your products on my blog, please get in touch via email and we can have a brainstorm. I’ve previously collaborated with the following brands.

Amphora Aromatics // got2b Schwarzkopf // Max Factor // Technic // Olay // Dr. PAW PAW // Dusty Girls // Fudge Urban // W7 // MooGoo // Halo // Witch // Blistex // Sweet Cecily’s // Balmi // Vichy // Little Ondine // Mavala

Aintree Retail Park // Marie Curie // Alder Hey // Yankee Candle // Mink & Stone // Busy B // Stabilo

Jamie’s Italian // The Co-op // SORTEDfood // Granny Shaw’s Fudge Factory // Cafe Rouge // Nakd // PROPERCORN // Pulsin // Tetley // Mello Mallo // Border Biscuits // Virtue Iced Tea // Soda Stream // Bakerdays

Lots of love,
EL xx