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The Sunday Post #36

Buckle up, I’ve got quite a lot to share with you all…

Brunch (01)

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The Sunday Post #29

It is HOT.

Yup, that’s right. I’m moaning about the heatwave because I’m a typical British person but honestly, I’m so ready for jumpers and the dark evenings now. Bring it on.

It’s been two weeks since the last Sunday post and there has been a lot going on..

Two Years

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36 Blogmas Ideas

Christmas is one month away.

Let that just sink in.

If you’re a big fan of Christmas like myself, then you may be thinking about doing Blogmas, or if you’re super organised, you’ll have all posts scheduled by now but if not, I’ve got you covered as I’ve created a list of 36 ideas which you can share with your fellow readers.

For those wondering, Blogmas runs from the 1st of December up until the 24th (some people do post on the 25th as well). You essentially write a blog post for every single day and share with your readers.

Believe me when I say, it’s a lot of work.

I’ve brought you 6 ideas for each topic which I write about on my blog so hopefully, there’s something for everyone plus gift guides!

I won’t be doing it this year but you will still have some posts from me..


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The Sunday Post #47

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:I’m A Celebrity is back tonight!

Much like the previous weeks, this one has flown by and it feels like only yesterday that it was Halloween and now we’re two weeks away from December knocking on our doors.

2017, you’re going at a crazy speed babe.

Once again, last weekend was seriously lovely and it allowed me to properly start off a new week in a very productive mood.


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The Sunday Post #22

I created my regular Sunday posts to share the highlights of my week.

Granted, some weeks have been tougher than others and I’ve never really hidden what’s been going on behind the scenes. You’ve known in some sense that things are quite right without going into too much detail.

I think it’s safe to say that this week has been horrific for the UK and in particular, Manchester. If you didn’t know, I’m based in the North West, closer to Liverpool than any other city but with being a Man United support and a regular visitor to the city, Monday night’s events really struck a cord.

We lost a lot of people in that attack.

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The Body Shop Mango Duo

This time last year, I was in Australia.

I was in a shopping centre one afternoon with my cousin when I spotted The Body Shop and despite being at the other side of the world, I went in and treated myself to a few of their Mango products simply because they smell wonderful.

A year later, I decided to pick up the exact same products, but only this time, when I was in the Trafford Centre with the other half.


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Review of Everything You Told Me by Lucy Dawson


Published: 5th January 2017
Publisher: Corvus
Pages: 336


You went to bed at home, just like every other night.
You woke up in the back of a taxi, over 250 miles away.
You have no idea how you got there and no memory of the last ten hours.
You have no phone, no money; just a suicide note in your coat pocket, in your own writing.
You know you weren’t planning to kill yourself.
Your family and friends think you are lying.

Someone knows exactly what happened to you.
But they’re not telling…


Thank you to Corvus for kindly sending me a review copy.

The narrative opens with our main character, Sally, unconscious in the back of a taxi. Soon enough, everything becomes confusing and she’s left with several unanswered questions. When the plot takes readers back to two days ago, we see Sally in her natural habitat: a mum of two struggling to get her baby in a sleep pattern, bickering with her husband over the silliest of things, accepting help from her mother-in-law and being thrown in at the deep end when she comes face to face with her brother’s new fiancé who Sally, very clearly, does not get on with.

“It hadn’t been me that had ordered too many, it was far more likely to be an online technical glitch. I was almost sure of it.”

With the plot focusing on missing money, a dodgy soon-to-be sister-in-law and a very helpful mother-in-law, Sally has set her sights on blaming one particular person. Lucy’s writing was absolutely superb and I was completely hooked from the opening chapter, the one in which she writes mystery is extremely captivating and the ending, well… I didn’t see that coming a mile off.

“Everything is under control… Except me. I don’t feel under control at all.”

The ending was shocking. There’s no other word for it. Sally’s world was turned upside down in the most heart breaking way possible. The narrative, itself will keep you guessing right until the very end and just when you think you’ve read it all, Lucy will throw in yet another twist and the book will look very different from when it first began. Sheer brilliance.

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Lovely Things // Week 52

Merry Christmas Eve!

Today is the last Blogmas post and I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed every single one. I’ve tried to make sure there’s something for everyone – please let me know your favourite!


Delamere Forest

On Sunday afternoon, the Mr and I drove to Delamere Forest for a long, much needed walk in the crisp, fresh air. We met the most beautiful sausage dog called Bilbo and I’m pretty sure he’s stolen my heart. There were nearly tears. After our walk, we tucked ourselves away in a nearby pub for a carvery before collapsing in bed to watch The Terminal.

Hospital Visits

On Monday and Friday, I spent the morning in two different hospitals for two pre-ops; one for my Grandad which seemed to take forever because the doctor forgot his password (humph!) and then for myself as my operation is just over a week away.


Movie Night

On Wednesday evening, the Mr and I watched Sully on the Amazon Fire Stick (holy Dumbledore, that was a good copy!) and it was absolutely incredible. It’s based on a true story and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Highly recommend.


Winter Essentials
Feeling Hygge at Winter
The Trusty Red Lip
A Delicious Winter Warmer
My 2016


Thank you SO much for supporting my blog this past year. The likes, the comments and tweets mean more than you realise. I hope to see you all again in 2017.

How has your week been? Stressful? Relaxing? Let me know the highlight!

EL xx



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Feeling Hygge at Winter

Morning all,

If I said ‘cosy’ to you, what would you say?

To me, being cosy is all about being in comfortable clothes (preferably PJs), wrapped up in a blanket, drinking tea, being surrounded by candles and fairy lights so the room has a warming tone. Sounds rather lovely, doesn’t it?


When Penguin got in touch and told me about a book which is all about feeling cosy no matter the time of the year, I jumped at the chance to share it all with you.

The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking is such a lovely book to give this Christmas whether it’s your Mum, sisters, friend or fellow blogger. With discussions about food, clothing, Christmas, home and any season, this book is suitable for anyone!

I wanted to share with you how I get cosy in an evening.

1. Lights

In the evening here in the UK, it tends to get dark between 3:30pm and 4pm and the first thing I do is turn on all the festive lights. This includes the wreath on the front door, the garland around the fire place, the Christmas tree, the fake battery operated candles on the window sill and the fairy lights in my bedroom. For me, it’s all about warm lights and none of those cold, blue ones – we need to keep the room all cosy.

2. Clothing

PJs or onesie – take your pick. During December, I love wearing my tartan Primark PJs because they’re unbelievably cosy. The second I walk through the front door, my day clothes are being thrown on the floor (don’t worry, I do pick them up) and the PJs are thrown on. There’s something quite satisfying about going from normal clothes to cosy clothes. I own more PJs than clothes…

3. Candles

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know that I work with Yankee Candle on a regular basis and I’ve also featured a couple of other candles from Tesco and M&S. I flipping love candles – everything from the packaging to the scent (I’m sure the CCTV people enjoy watching my reactions because some aren’t that pleasant) to lighting them once I’m home. I’ve been loving Christmas Cookie by Yankee Candle quite a lot this December and I deeply regret not purchasing one of the medium jars (oops!) but as well as the sweet scent, I also love citrus ones as well – especially the three wick Citrus Fruit + Ginger one from Tesco because it is simply heaven in a jar.

4. Food

If I’m in the mood for something sweet to eat, I’ll opt for what I call “my Christmas chocolate” which is essentially the Dairy Milk Tree bar; its seriously delicious and only £1 in most supermarkets. If I go for that, then I’ll have a cup of tea. In our household, I’m the chief hot chocolate maker – nobody makes them like I do, so it’s really nice when we’re all cosy in the living room, watching a film and sipping on our hot chocolates. Oh Hygge of us.

5. Goodbye Social Media

 Around 8pm every evening, I like to press the little wifi symbol on my phone so all access to the online world disappears. I’ve been doing this for about a month but a) sometimes you just need a break and b) my sleep is a lot better as I’m switching off earlier.

How did you relax in an evening?

EL xx