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Testing Marc Jacobs Perfumes

I wanted to bring you a testing post today…

So when I was in Corfu Airport heading home last month, I found a set of four Daisy mini perfumes for $30 which I was in two minds about but after purchasing my go-to perfume, I decided to treat myself once again.

I’m not even sorry.


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The Perfect Travel MakeUp Bag

Makeup bags are an item which I rarely purchase.

My current one is from Harrods which I’ve been using since 2013 and it’s still going strong, so I’ve never found a reason to replace it.

But when I’m travelling, I find that it’s not big enough to fit everything in. My palettes end up going in my wash bag and I just know that one day, shampoo will explode and ruin my Sleek Solstice Highlighting palette.

You know there will be tears.


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MakeUp Revolution // Renaissance Glow Palette

We all know how fantastic MakeUp Revolution are.

I mean, I’m spoken about them enough on my blog before so you must have heard of them by now. But if not, they’re an incredible makeup brand who are stocked in Superdrug and quite frankly, they’re the perfect go-to drugstore brand.

When I was in Liverpool mid-September, I popped into Superdrug and noticed that they had a new section especially for MakeUp Revolution. Rather than a small counter, they’ve gone all out and really used the space to their full advantage.


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Too Faced // Better Than Sex Mascara

Sephora is one of those shops that you just have to go in whenever you see it and I was lucky enough to spot it while I was walking through Corfu Old Town.

I’ve never been in Sephora before; I wasn’t really into makeup when I visited New York back in 2013 and I’ve never truly known what to purchase from there.

So naturally, I went in and bought a product you can buy from Debenhams.



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MakeUp Revolution // Matte Lip Kit

It’s been almost two months since I wrote about a beauty product.

There’s multiple reasons for that:

  1. I’ve barely been buying any new makeup
  2. I’ve not had the chance to photograph any products
  3. I’ve not been inspired to write (hint the lack of posts)

But in the middle of July, I decided to treat myself to one of the MakeUp Revolution lip kits as I’d heard quite a lot about them and to be honest, I didn’t want to pay the price for the Kylie Jenner ones.


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Testing Beauty Products

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been testing out five beauty products.

Three of them are products you can wear and two are applicators.

I really enjoy going into Boots and Superdrug, browsing the counters and picking up new products to try out from brands who I’ve grown to admire and built up a relationship with, as well as trying out new brands whose counters I’ve walked past but never given much thought to.

I have done this post twice before and seeing as SO many have requested it again…

Your wish is my command.

I’ll keep my thoughts/opinions brief so you’re not reading for hours!


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