My Favourite Beauty Products of 2017

I’m well and truly settled into the festive period now and I don’t want it to end. Everyone is creating amazing content, people are happy, the markets are jam packed, the films are on TV and the tubs of chocolates have been opened.

Throughout the year, I’ve posted 29 beauty related posts and so for today’s post, I thought I’d do a big ol’ round up of my absolute favourites which I’ve either discovered within the past 12 months or I’ve continually used them and just loved them even more


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The Best Drugstore Red Lips For Christmas

You can just about hear all the bloggers cracking out their festive red lip and I’m not afraid to say that I’m one of them.

This year, I am LOVING having red lips and I’ve found two from the good old drugstore which are absolutely perfect.

Collection Cosmetics and MakeUp Revolution are two of my all time favourite drugstore brands who have never disappointed me before and their prices are superb.


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My Winter Hair Care Routine

Well, it’s officially the most wonderful time of the year.

December is by far, my favourite month but with the festivities comes the cold and I’m so careful with both my hair and skin at this time. You’ll all know that I adore Aussie especially their , but when November rolls around, I really love using their Winter Miracle Shampoo and Conditioner Collection.


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My Current Favourite Shower Cream

What’s the difference between a shower gel and a shower cream?

ShowerΒ cream is a moisturising formula and tends to be thinner than a shower gel/body wash and it will develop a foam when you gently rub it into your skin.Β 

Well, you learn something new every day..

For the past 2-3 years, I’ve been obsessed with the Soap & Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel as it has the most amazing scent and leaves my skin feeling super soft, but I did want something a little cheaper but still as moisturising.


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Hydrate Your Skin This Autumn

The colder days are here and that can only mean one thing: keeping your skin hydrated.

I used to use the Johnson’s 24 Hour Day Cream on a daily basis, but for some silly unknown reason, I can’t find it in any of my regular shops and well, that’s no fun.

I asked on Twitter a while ago about which day cream I should try out and a lot of you said the Garnier 24 Hour Hydrating Day Cream is worth it.


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The Perfect Travel MakeUp Bag

Makeup bags are an item which I rarely purchase.

My current one is from Harrods which I’ve been using since 2013 and it’s still going strong, so I’ve never found a reason to replace it.

But when I’m travelling, I find that it’s not big enough to fit everything in. My palettes end up going in my wash bag and I just know that one day, shampoo will explode and ruin my Sleek Solstice Highlighting palette.

You know there will be tears.


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MakeUp Revolution // Renaissance Glow Palette

We all know how fantastic MakeUp Revolution are.

I mean, I’m spoken about them enough on my blog before so you must have heard of them by now. But if not, they’re an incredible makeup brand who are stocked in Superdrug and quite frankly, they’re the perfect go-to drugstore brand.

When I was in Liverpool mid-September, I popped into Superdrug and noticed that they had a new section especially for MakeUp Revolution. Rather than a small counter, they’ve gone all out and really used the space to their full advantage.


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