The Best Coat To Keep You Snug This Winter

Oh, I do love Winter.

Hot chocolates, candles, fairy lights, bobble hats, knitted jumpers, chunky scarves, tomato soup with crusty bread and of course, a big coat to keep you snug while you wander around the Christmas markets.

I’ve wanted a new coat for a good year or so. My previous one was from Dorothy Perkins which I bought when I was 21 and that’s almost 6 years ago so I was in desperate need of a new one.

Debenhams was the first place on my list to look as they have such a brilliant range of designers and from browsing online, I fell in love with one from Jasper Conran.


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My Relationship With My Body

I haven’t done a fashion post since June.

There are a few reasons behind why: nobody to take photos, no nice places to shoot the photos, no new clothes to talk about but most of all, my weight.

I’d say for the past two years, my weight has been a huge issue.

If you’ve been reading my blog for over a year, you’ll know that when I was travelling in New Zealand (March, 2016), I had extremely bad back pain and it was only until I was back in the UK that I was diagnosed with gallstones.

Not just your average gallstones. Gallstones which put me into private care for an emergency operation (January, 2017) as they were extremely severe.

I’m the heaviest that I’ve ever been.

I don’t know how much I weigh but all I know is that I’m not happy.


Photos by Megan

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Stepping into Summer with Jonathan Aston & Charnos

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I take part in #socksunday every few weeks. Essentially, you take a picture of your feet in socks with your current read and a cup of something warm.

It’s popular and I love adding it onto my feed.

When the PR team over at Jonathan Aston and Charnos got in touch about collaborating, I knew it’d be ideal for both my blog and my Instagram.

Winning at blogging right there.


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Treating Yourself with Radley

Radley is rather special to me.

My Nan bought me a purse when I was sixteen, I’ve bought my Mum multiple birthday presents and when pay day has rolled around, I’ve treated myself.

At the end of April, I was having a conversation with the Mr about how my River Island purse was falling apart and I’m not surprised – I’ve had it for 9 years.

He only went and treated me to a beautiful Radley purse and I’m SO in love with it.


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My Every Day Bag

We all have a bag which we use day in, day out, no matter the outfit choice.

When my Nan passed away, I was given the chance to take any of her shoes (we were the same size!), bags and pieces of jewellery that I wanted.

She’s the reason that I love bags so much.

I’m a bag lady.

I didn’t take much from her belongings, just a couple of pieces but the one item which I wear all the time is her little black bag.


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The Cosiest Pyjamas

Christmas seems like so long ago.

Crazy to think that in just over a week, it’ll be May.

2017, chill out + stop going so fast.

I’ve been meaning to write this blog post since the beginning of the year, but other ideas have popped into my head and been typed up a lot quicker than this one.

Pyjamas are a bloggers best friend so I wanted to share my favourite pair with you…


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