The Pinafore I Can’t Stop Wearing

I am obsessed with pinafores.

The second Autumn strikes, I become obsessed with pinafores. Not only are They incredibly easy to wear during the transitional period between Summer and Autumn, but they’re comfortable and quite stylish.

One brand who I am a huge fan of is Red Herring. When I need a staple piece for my wardrobe, I usually head to New Look or to the corner of Debenhams where Red Herring are situated.

A solid 70% of my wardrobe is Red Herring and not only is the quality fantastic but the prices are really good in case you’re watching the pennies.

Emma (49)

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The Dress To Wear When Running Out The Door

It is very rare that I throw an piece of clothing on before dashing out for an hour or so, but then again, I don’t exactly plan my outfits in advance unless it’s something special.

With that being said, I have found a particular new aspect of my wardrobe which is the best to wear when I’m heading out for dinner with the Mr or needing to grab a few food essentials from ASDA. It’s comfortable, it’s practical but most importantly..


Cornwall (112)

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My Obsession With Linen Trousers

I have had a strong love for linen trousers for a solid three years now.

I have three pairs – two from Primark and one from F&F Clothing (who have recently gone offline and are now in-store only so no links!).

Before we went to Crete, I purchased a pair of deep blue floral tile print beach linen trousers and I just can’t stop wearing them. Granted, we had an insane heat wave throughout June and July but linen trousers are perfect for those cooler days when denim shorts just aren’t an option.

Emma (51)

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The Denim Shorts Perfect For Summer

Finding a pair of denim shorts is like finding a pair of jeans.

It takes months of searching, many hours of trying on, a few returns but at long last, you’ve found the best ones for you and your body.

New Look seem to be my favourite high street clothing store at the moment and I’m not even sorry because their slogan tees are the absolute best.

With Topshop providing me with the best jeans I’ve even owned, I turned to New Look in search of some new denim shorts at the beginning of May and I really did hit the jackpot with these.

New Look (12)

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The Β£18 Holiday Mules

I think these are the prettiest shoes I have ever worn.

New Look are my go-to, favourite high street shop for pretty much everything: slogan t-shirts, cute socks and since I can remember, I’ve loved their shoes especially their boots and sandals but this time, I decided to push the boat out a little bit and choose a pair of shoes which are quite out of my comfort zone.


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What I Wore In Crete

Being away on holiday is the perfect opportunity to dress up and wear outfits that you wouldn’t necessary be able to wear at home in the UK.

With that being said, I dressed up a little bit for our evenings in Crete and you know what?

I felt bloody fantastic.

Yes, there were some nights when I had to wear the same dress twice and some nights, I did opt for a more relaxed style but that’s okay because you’re on holiday and it’s acceptable to dress how you like.


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The Slogan T-Shirt Trend

I’m not one to follow fashion trends.

Since being a teenager, I’ve worn what I’ve wanted to wear, I’ve dealt with the girls who mocked my choices but I’ve always stayed true to my own fashion style.

However, I have 100% jumped on the trend that is slogan t-shirts and it is safe to say that New Look have well and truly been slaying the game for the past few months.

Emma (47)

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My Online Life & Keeping My Opinions To Myself

Do you remember that episode of The Hills where LC said to Audrina: “just gonna keep my opinions to myself, they just get me in trouble..”


I have a mouth.

I have opinions.

I have voiced many of my opinions in my twenty-seven years of life and about 99% of them have got me in some sort of trouble – whether it’s a full blown argument (aka. someone overreacting) or the tiniest of disagreements.

With being part of the blogging community for almost six years, I’ve seen a lot of drama unfold on Twitter: some of which I’ve been dragged into and some which I accidentally started for calling someone out.

But for the past three or so years, I’ve taken a back seat and kept all opinions to myself.


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My Go-To High Street Handbag

You will never guess where I bought my new black bag from.

I have spent months searching in New Look, River Island, M&S, Next, Debenhams and Topshop to find a particular handbag.

Had I seen it before? Nope.

Did I have an ideal of what I was looking for? Sort of.

But when I spotted it in the window of a certain shoe shop, I knew it was exactly what I had been looking for, so naturally, I purchased it.


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