My Weight Loss Journey: One Year On

I have been dedicated to loosing weight for a solid 14 months.

Each week I spend at least two hours in the gym with my personal trainer, I try to walk as much as remotely possible (even though I’m lazy at heart) and my food intake is 100% better than it has ever been.

In the beginning, I was very open about my weight loss journey – sharing workouts on Instagram Stories, showcasing how much weight I’d lost in a week, showing healthier food options when eating out and as much as I loved doing that, it took my mind off my number one focus.

The second I stopped sharing my weight loss journey around January time, I found that I was focusing more on what I thought of myself rather than what strangers online thought of me.

Fitness Progress - July 2018 to July 2019

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TV Shows I’ve Been Watching Recently – Take Six

I thought it was about time that I updated you all in terms of what TV shows I’ve been watching recently as believe it or not, these blog posts are fairly popular.

With Love Island taking up 100% of my nightly TV watching, I’ve been dipping in and out of Netflix and the Amazon Fire Stick as and when I can recently.

TV Shows (01)

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What I’ve Learnt In 7 Years Of Blogging

Happy Birthday to my blog.

Can you actually believe that I have been a blogger for seven years?

On this day in 2012, I set up my own little space on the internet courtesy of WordPress and I’ve never looked back. I honestly believed that it would be a project in between my degrees, but I’m still here, still enjoying my own creative area online.

I haven’t had the smoothest of blogging journeys – I’ve had my fair share of hate, I’ve dealt with trolls, I’ve rebranded my blog at least four times but now I’m finally in a place where I’m completely happy with the content that I’m producing.

Over seven years, you do learn a lot and so, I wanted to share those thoughts with you all – you may agree with some, you may disagree or you may learn about them yourselves now that they’ve been brought to your attention.

Emma (127)

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How I Practice Self Care

It is currently a Sunday afternoon when I’m writing this and it has been one of those days where I’ve switched myself off from the world, done my own thing and my body is extremely grateful for that.

I may have woken up at 6am, this may be the fifth blog post that I’ve written, I may have done a full food shop at ASDA and read a few chapters of my book but everything that I’ve done, I’ve done it because I wanted to.

Doing what you want to do is very important.

Self care is very important.

Emma (117)
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A Mental Health Update And How You Can Donate

I am so pleased that discussing mental health is no longer a stigma.

Around six years ago, I suffered heavily with panic attacks and anxiety due to a traumatic previous relationship during University as well as my Mum being diagnosed with Cancer. It was a lot to deal with in a very short space of time.

I didn’t know what panic attacks were. I honestly thought I had extremely bad indigestion which was making me feel dizzy and suffer from a mouth that had been transformed into a dessert.

Nature's Finest (01)

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My Goals For The Rest Of 2019

At the beginning of each year, I tend not to set myself any resolutions for the simple reason that I tend to either break them after two weeks or I’m not motivated enough.

But for a number of years, I’ve had goals for the first part of the year and once we hit the middle of June, I tend to set myself some more until the end of December.

During January to June, I told myself to continue working out weekly, read more books, find a career I truly want and to focus on my mental health.

Emma (74)

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Life Update: A New Job, Books And Travel Plans

Life has been a little bit crazy during the past month or so.

I’ve shared some little slices of news over on my Instagram, but I’m yet to share any sort of news with you all on my blog.

I’ve been meaning to do a catch up style of blog post for a few weeks now but in an evening, my brain is mush so here I am at 7am on a Saturday morning, trying to put a proper blog post together for you all…

Emma (25)

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