My In-Flight Essentials

Thursday, please hurry up.

With all that has gone on in the past month or so, I need this holiday more than ever. If you’re new to my blog (hi, hello, welcome), you may not know that I am heading to Crete on Thursday with the Mr.

When it comes to trips, I’m very organised in terms of packing and having a rough idea of where I’d like to visit next. Recently, I have seen many bloggers purchasing a backpack on EBay for an absolute steal of ยฃ13 (John Lewis sell them for ยฃ80+), but when I spotted this gorgeous “dark mole” backpack in H&M last month, I knew that it would be perfect to travel with.


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The May Catch Up

It has been a month since I typed out one of these catch up posts.

If you’re new to my blog (hi, hello, welcome), these used to be a regular occurrence every single Sunday but since the middle of March, they’ve taken a back seat as they were beginning to feel force and there was a lot of pressure to create this big, juicy catch up but in reality, I just wasn’t in the mood to write them weekly.

Consider this your all things end of April and 99% of May catch up.

Photo 09

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The Best Photo Spots In Liverpool

Liverpool is a beautiful city.

I developed a real love for the city in 2010 when it was on my doorstep whilst being at Edge Hill University. It has everything to offer: brilliant shops (high street, high end as well as independent), delicious food, amazing events and of course, some of the best photo spots in the North West.

Since I developed a real love for taking photographs, I’ve found myself snapping away at the stunning Liverpool architecture each time I’m there.

So with that being said, I wanted to share some of my favourite photo spots in Liverpool with you..

Liverpool (31)

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Why I Don’t Need To Be A Part Of A Girl Gang

Female friendships can be fantastic, but they can also consist of a lot of drama, backstabbing and boyfriend stealing moments.

I’ve been part of two girl gangs in my life, both of which ended after we all left high school and university. It led me to believe that I was doing something wrong (if any of the girls read this, they’ve probably got a list as long as their arm), but in reality, I always knew that I never truly fitted in because I’m the outspoken one: the one who has no mouth filter, the one who always has “the wrong opinion,” and the one who is always blunt about feelings, all of the time.

Before we get deep into the post, a fellow blogger Beth Sandland wrote a post all about why she was never part of a girl gang and I just wanted to give her post some recognition as it allowed me to think quite a lot about my history with female friendship groups.


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Mental Health: Five Years On..

Mental health.

A topic of conversation which was known as a taboo, a conversation ender, an elephant in the room, a way of seeing someone in a different light, a common ground, a reason to reach out more.

In late April 2013, I was diagnosed with anxiety and panic attacks.

It was a part of my life which frightened me to my core and it was a topic of conversation which made people remove themselves from my life, a reason to not have me in their circle anymore, a reason not to trust me.

Mental health isn’t anything to be ashamed of.

Photo 24

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Instagram: Likes, Algorithm, Style & Cheating…

Grab a cup of tea, coffee or gin (whatever your preference is) as today’s blog post is quite a lengthy one at a record of 2,057 words..

Much like every other blogger on the planet, I am an active user of Instagram: the social media platform which allows you to post photos, connect with other people, share your thoughts, post crazy boomerangs of your day and much more..

But of recent months, Instagram took a turn down a path which not everyone is happy with. Unless your Kylie Jenner posting a photo of her baby, then you’re not going to get a shed ton of likes within 1.5 seconds.

With the algorithm changing so users only use “popular posts,” it has become harder to the little people to showcase our photos on a daily basis.

Quite a few of my favourite bloggers have written a blog post about their feelings towards the platform and so, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon as it would seem that I have my fair share to say…

Emma (31)

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We Are The Generation Of Scrollers

Social media is everywhere.

You walk into a cafรฉ and you’re automatically connected to the free Wi-Fi. You can get Wi-Fi on planes. People even source out holiday hotels for free Wi-Fi.

You can’t escape it. You can’t escape free Wi-Fi.

Everyone is obsessed with continually updating their channels with what they’re doing right there in the moment and being nosy about what everyone else is up too.

I’m one of them, but it’s time to pull the reins in.

Emma (19)

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How I Edit My Blog Photos

Remember in February when I wrote a post about how I edit my Instagram photos?

You guys went CRAZY for it – my views were insane.

So with that being said, I wanted to show you how I edit my blog photos depending on the category. I’ve been properly editing my photos on Lightroom for about six months and I absolutely love the app. It’s quick and easy to use which means that within minutes, I can have a selection of photos edited.


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Where Do I Sit On The Blogosphere Bus?

I don’t have a place in the blogosphere.

I haven’t for a good year or so and I’m not particularly sure what to do.

When I started blogging in mid 2012, it was a whole new ballgame and I fell madly in love with every aspect: meeting fellow bloggers, attending events, receiving products, building up relationships with brands and so much more.

Fast forward to the first quarter of 2018 and I’m not sure if I have a seat on the blogosphere bus anymore.

Emma (8)

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