Remembering My Nan

When you were a child, did you think your grandparents were invincible?

Because I did.

I thought my Nan would always be here, always be at the end of the phone, always giving me baking advice, always there to sew up a dance costume and to always be there just to be my Nan.

But reality hit on the 7th May when she was cruelly taken away from us, in a lovely hospital ward (not her choice may I add) and in the end, it wasn’t the bastard cancer who took her, it was sepsis.

Today is my Nan’s birthday.


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A Little Life Update

Hi. Hello. Bonjour. Hola. Kia Ora.

How are you all?

It feels like it’s been quite a while since I properly sat down, wrote out a worthy blog post and sent it out into the crazy world that is the Internet.

Things have been a little bit quiet on my blog recently and a fair few of you have noticed with a handful of concerns thrown in.

All is good. Life is a hit and a miss, but it’s busy and that is what I like.

Emma (41)

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My Unexpected Fitness Journey: Gym Fear, Finding A PT And Comfort Eating

Who would have thought that little ol’ me would be writing a fitness post after years of comfort eating, battling body dysmorphia and never really making the effort to lose the weight that I had accidentally piled on.

But this year, I finally decided to make a change.

I decided that it was about time that I did something about it and so, I did.

It has cost me quite a bit of money in terms of healthy eating, gym sessions, workout wear and home-gym equipment, but it’s working and I’m seeing results which make me very happy.

You know what? I’m actually proud of myself. I’m the girl who now works out once or twice a week, eats healthy but still craves the bad food. I’m certainly no fitness expert and I’m still very much a work-in-progress but I wanted to document my journey so far.

In this post, you’ll read all about my fear of the gym, finding a personal trainer and comfort eating but please come back for the second post in which I’ll talk about my weight loss and my healthy eating plan.

I’ve also roped my personal trainer in at the end of each section just so you’ve got a little bit of professional advice alongside my ramblings…

Emma (19)

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Feeling Heartbroken Over A Friendship

This is a difficult one to talk about.

Recently, I ended a negative friendship and it made me realise that feeling heartbroken over a friendship ending is a real thing. Confronting a friend over something you’re not particularly happy about, having an argument because you both believe you’re right yet the other is wrong, agree to disagree, never truly settling the awkwardness that has been created but in the end, one of you walks away and the friendship is done.

Reality check: a lot of us have been through a friendship heartbreak.

Friendship (01)

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TV Shows I’ve Been Watching Recently – Take Two

I recently had some time to myself, with being out of work and continually looking for a job but with that comes silence and being alone majority of the day.

The TV and my Amazon Fire Stick quickly became my colleague and the only voice that I had for a few hours of the day. Granted, I didn’t just sit and watch TV all day. It’s not as glamorous as it sounds.

As I received the news of my new job, I was in the middle of watching a handful of shows – both during the day when it’s acceptable to binge watch as well as in an evening when a new episode is on TV.

TV (01)

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Why I Believe In Asking The Universe

I have been extremely vocal on my blog and across my social media platforms about my recent period of being unemployed but that all changed last month when I found myself a new job with a company that I adore.

Some say I got the job because of my experience, because of my interview skills, because I was true to myself and my capabilities and yes, I do believe that all of those points are possible and one if not two of them are the truth.

But I asked the universe for this job and six hours later, I was offered the role.

Emma (39)

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A Photogenic Morning With Jessops

I haven’t been to a blog event in a very long time.

But more recently, I’ve reached out to more bloggers in Liverpool to meet up and so when Jessops emailed me a few weeks ago to invite me to their Friday morning event, I said yes. The timing was perfect as it was the in between week of accepting my new job role and starting said role.

Established in 1935, Jessops are a British photographic retailing company, situated across the UK specialising in cameras, drones, lenses, videos as well as printing services. With their new store opening on Lord Street in Liverpool and my growing love for taking photos of the city, I was really looking forward to the event.

Jessops (01)

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TV Shows I’ve Been Watching Recently

With the darker evenings creeping in, there is nothing I enjoy more than being curled up on the sofa with a blanket and a very good TV show to binge watch.

Whether you have Netflix or an Amazon Fire Stick, there is a lot to choose from and sometimes, too much choice results in you going back to a show that you’ve seen a thousand times before.

Pretty Little Liars, I’m looking at you…

Towards the end of August, I asked for TV recommendations on my Instagram Stories and you all gave some many incredible suggestions so naturally, I did my research and watched a handful of them..


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