Films I’ve Watched Recently – Take One

Is there anything better than curling up in bed of an evening, watching a film and completely winding down from the day?

I think not.

While I survived from horrific tonsillitis the other week, I spent majority of my time on bed rest (doctor’s orders but not complaining) watching Netflix.

Just like my TV show recommendation series, I wanted to share with you all the five films which I’ve watched recently and you never know – you may find a recommendation or two!

Oh and it’s worth noting that all of these films are available to watch on Netflix.

Films 01

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Five Bloggers Who I’m Supporting This Galentines Day

Galentines Day.

The day to support those wonderful women in your life – Mum, Nan, sister, girlfriend, best friend, cousin, the female who isn’t blood family but she certainly feels like it…

Just like last year, I wanted to shout out a handful of bloggers who I admire and want to celebrate on Galentines Day.

Galentines Day (01)

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TV Shows I’ve Been Watching Recently – Take Four

Oh what a fun series this is to write!

In case you missed it last year, I randomly decide to start sharing the TV shows that I’d been watching recently and it has gone down a storm with you all which I am very grateful for.

So grab your popcorn because I’ve got some brilliant recommendations for you.

you - tv shows

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What I’ve Learnt As A New Driver: One Year On

It’s kind of ironic that as I write this blog post, I’m sitting in a Starbucks across the road from my local Vauxhall garage as my car is seen to for the second time this week.

When I passed my driving test on the 5th February 2018, I wrote a post all about what I’d learnt as a new driver and there was a lot of you who got in touch on social media to voice what you’d also learnt.


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Becoming A Happier, Stronger Version Of Myself

2018 was not my year.

A lot of negative things happened within a period of twelve months.

Life events occurred which have shaped me as a person, changed my mentality and even though I spent weeks crying my eyes out wondering how I could change what had happened, I’m glad those horrific things happened because I’m a stronger, better version of myself than I ever have been before.

emma (37)

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My Goals For 2019

If you don’t have goals, what are you really aiming towards?

For 2019, I have decided to set myself five goals in which I hope I can achieve and perhaps it will give me the boost of positivity that I have been needing for some time.

Whether you set yourself a big goal such as planning a wedding or a small one such as drink more water, it is important that we continually have a target in mine for ourselves so that we progress.

All humans need to progress whether we like it or not.


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3 Simple New Year Resolutions For Everyone

I have never been one to religiously set myself a resolution for the New Year.

Granted, I do set myself little goals like drink more water (I actually do this), join a gym (got myself a personal trainer), pass my driving test (done) and enjoy life (meh).

Everyone has different resolutions which they like to set and attempt to follow throughout the year but before February is upon us, those resolutions have been long forgotten and soon enough it’ll be a “I’ll start again next year” kinda job.

So I wanted to come up with three very simple resolutions which anyone can do for themselves, for others and for the planet.


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TV Shows I’ve Been Watching Recently – Take Three

I barely have time to watch TV in the evenings anymore, I’m lucky if I have the energy to watch Hollyoaks or I’m A Celebrity with how tired I’ve been recently.

But with a few dull weekends stuck indoors, I’ve made to watch a few more TV shows – new ones and a firm favourite returning for another series, so naturally, I wanted to share some more with you all.

TV (01)

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Remembering My Nan

When you were a child, did you think your grandparents were invincible?

Because I did.

I thought my Nan would always be here, always be at the end of the phone, always giving me baking advice, always there to sew up a dance costume and to always be there just to be my Nan.

But reality hit on the 7th May when she was cruelly taken away from us, in a lovely hospital ward (not her choice may I add) and in the end, it wasn’t the bastard cancer who took her, it was sepsis.

Today is my Nan’s birthday.


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