How Losing Weight Gave Me Confidence

I’ve been very open about my accidental journey to losing weight.

It began in June 2018 during our holiday to Crete in which I was asked four times by members of the hotel spa if I would like a pregnancy massage.

I’ve never been pregnant and as you can imagine, I was taken back by the remark of what four different women asked me and before you say it, it has nothing to do with a language barrier as they were all speaking perfect English.

It was the straw that broke the camels back.

So I decided to do something about how I felt about my body.

Emma (51)
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How Becoming A Photographer Brought Me Closer To The Blogosphere

It is hard being part of a community when you feel like you don’t belong.

In March of 2018, I wrote a blog post about how I felt left out of the blogosphere and how I wasn’t really sure where I fitted in because I’m not a well known blogger but despite being around for six and a half years, I’m only just feeling closer to the community once more.

How? I became a photographer for bloggers.

Claire (05)
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How Switching Off My Social Media Notifications Helped With My Addiction

I used to be extremely addicted to social media.

I would be that rude person at the dinner table, scrolling on Instagram at people who didn’t know me whilst being surrounded by the people who did know me.

It was an urge to check what other people were doing, what they were wearing, which restaurants they were eating at and I just wasn’t living in the moment.

Notifications (02)
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How Creating A Signature Photo Boosted My Instagram Following

I’m a small blogger.

A teeny, tiny small blogger who has been in the Blogosphere for 6.5 years and is still struggling to grow her following, but you can’t take it to heart, can you?

In early 2017, I really started taking my Instagram feed seriously. I shared images which I really loved and despite the likes and comments, it was my Sunday photo that always came out on top.

Sock Sunday 01
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The Laptop Which Makes Blogging Easier

Technology is not my strong point.

When it’s time for a new iOS update, I ask the Mr to do it for me and when my laptop finally gave up on me, I turned to him once again to help me hunt down the best one.

In terms of knowing what I wanted in a new laptop, I wasn’t particularly fussed about the brand or how much storage it had but what I did know is that I wanted it to be light weight as well as quick and efficient.

I found exactly what I was looking for and then some.

Laptop 01
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Four Bloggers To Support On International Women’s Day

Being a part of the Blogosphere is fantastic.

There is always someone new to follow, an endless amount of blog posts to read and Instagram photos to double tap on.

But sometimes within the blogging community, it’s difficult to have your work seen and with the wonderful bloody shite Instagram algorithm, it seems to be getting harder than ever these days for your followers to see what you’re posting.

Just like last year, I wanted to shout out a handful of bloggers whose content I have been absolutely loving recently.


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Films I’ve Watched Recently – Take Two

It would seem that having Netflix available on my new laptop means that I can pretty much watch majority of the films on my to-see list at the drop of the hat.

Of course, it does help that I’ve spent all of February having tonsillitis as well as a virus that I just can’t seem to shake off.

What can I say? I’ve had a lot of time to watch some really good films recently and even though three of the five listed below are technically ones that I’ve rewatched, I’ve still really enjoyed turning off from my phone and being absorbed in a film.

Films 06

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Films I’ve Watched Recently – Take One

Is there anything better than curling up in bed of an evening, watching a film and completely winding down from the day?

I think not.

While I survived from horrific tonsillitis the other week, I spent majority of my time on bed rest (doctor’s orders but not complaining) watching Netflix.

Just like my TV show recommendation series, I wanted to share with you all the five films which I’ve watched recently and you never know – you may find a recommendation or two!

Oh and it’s worth noting that all of these films are available to watch on Netflix.

Films 01

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Five Bloggers Who I’m Supporting This Galentines Day

Galentines Day.

The day to support those wonderful women in your life – Mum, Nan, sister, girlfriend, best friend, cousin, the female who isn’t blood family but she certainly feels like it…

Just like last year, I wanted to shout out a handful of bloggers who I admire and want to celebrate on Galentines Day.

Galentines Day (01)

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