The Sunday Post #11

I’m pleased to see the end of this week.

I’m ready for a fresh set of days and an even fresher state of mind.

I’ll be honest, it’s Saturday evening as I write this; I’m in my PJs, it’s snowing outside and I’ve just got home from dropping the Mr off at a restaurant for a friend’s birthday.

I feel that I’ve needed a night like this in quite some time.

No plans.

The perfect chance to zone out and just get myself back on track.

Sunday (2)

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The Sunday Post #09

March, it’s nice to see you but oh what a week it has been.

Let me start with a slice of exciting news…


My beautiful little niece was born on Tuesday morning at 10:26am and she’s just absolutely perfect.

Alongside that incredible news, it’s been a crazy weather week – sunshine on the weekend and then, we had a mix of The Beast From The East and Storm Emma taking centre stage.


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The Sunday Post #02

It’s Friday afternoon as I’m writing this.

I’m sat on the sofa, it’s almost 4pm and it’s still light outside.

I’m in my dressing gown, the one I’ve lived in since Tuesday.

I have no idea what’s been going on with my body, but I felt beyond exhausted, queasy and light headed. I think it’s a big mix of the festive period, eating far too much, the bad air in London and it’s just the time for my body to be poorly.

Hopefully, I’ll be as right as rain for this week.

It’s a big one.

I start my new job tomorrow.


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The Sunday Post #01

It’s Saturday afternoon as I’m writing this and let me just say, it feels SO good to be back on my blog, creating content and catching you all up with what’s been going on.

I had a little bit of time away from my blog, two weeks to be exact and I really needed it. I knew that I’d be taking a break just after Christmas and I’m glad I did because it was so nice to fill my days with plans without worrying about how my latest post was doing.

But now I’m back and v. excited to share the upcoming content with you all.

So, where do I start?

*I should probably warn you now: this may be a long post with lots of photos…


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