The Sunday Post #27

Guess who is going on a week long road trip tomorrow?

You may remember a while ago that I spoke about how the Mr and I had finally decided on where to go during the week that our second anniversary falls on. Don’t worry, I will keep you all updated on my Instagram Stories as there won’t be a blog post next Sunday (just a lil’ heads up).

Manchester (05)

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The Sunday Post #25

July, already?

I had this post ready to go and for some unknown reason, WordPress thought it would be a superb idea to delete the entire content half an hour before it’s due to be published.

How lovely of them.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you may know that I stopped doing weekly Sunday posts simply because I was busy with my job and I had no time to write them. Well, the unemployed life is making me want to write them again so here we are.

Sunday (03)

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The Sunday Post #13

I’ll paint the picture for you: it’s Saturday evening, it’s 7:15 pm, I’m in my PJs, I’ve just inhaled ham and mushroom tagliatelle and Dec is presenting Saturday Night Takeaway by himself.

Oh, I wish every weekend consisted of four days.

I know I didn’t post last Sunday and that was due to a mix of having a weekend away in Harrogate, not being near my laptop and having nothing to write about.

But I’m back and ready to chat about my week…

Harrogate (11)

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The Sunday Post #11

I’m pleased to see the end of this week.

I’m ready for a fresh set of days and an even fresher state of mind.

I’ll be honest, it’s Saturday evening as I write this; I’m in my PJs, it’s snowing outside and I’ve just got home from dropping the Mr off at a restaurant for a friend’s birthday.

I feel that I’ve needed a night like this in quite some time.

No plans.

The perfect chance to zone out and just get myself back on track.

Sunday (2)

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The Sunday Post #09

March, it’s nice to see you but oh what a week it has been.

Let me start with a slice of exciting news…


My beautiful little niece was born on Tuesday morning at 10:26am and she’s just absolutely perfect.

Alongside that incredible news, it’s been a crazy weather week – sunshine on the weekend and then, we had a mix of The Beast From The East and Storm Emma taking centre stage.


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