The Sunday Post #51

It’s hard to believe that next Sunday is Christmas Eve.

But, I am well and truly enjoying December and trying my best to make the most of it. I am however, completely slacking with the festive films so I’m hoping that next week, all that will change and I’ll watch quite a few whilst wrapping presents.

Just in case you’re wondering about these Sunday posts, you’ve obviously got today’s but then next week will be the last one of 2017. Am I going to continue with them in the New Year? I think so, they always go down a treat and I’m actually proud of myself that I’ll have completed 52 of them this year – one for each week.


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The Sunday Post #45

Oh hi November, it’s nice to see you.

The previous two Sunday posts haven’t been my best, I’ll admit that.

Mentally, I’ve been in a horrible frame of mind and despite not wanting to miss a Sunday post, I feel as though the last two weeks shouldn’t have been posted.

Things are still very much “a work in progress” in my life.

Things which I’ll update you on but there’s one big aspect which I don’t wish to discuss at all for personal reasons.

However, this week has been flipping great and today is the Mr’s 29th birthday so I’ll let you all know about what we’ve been doing this weekend in next week’s post (obviously this was written on Friday afternoon in advance!)


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The Sunday Post #42

October, slow down babe.

This week has been a lot better in terms of not feeling like utter crap every single day. I’m quickly getting myself into a routine now that I’m in between jobs and to be honest, it isn’t that bad as I have 9-2 looking for jobs, applying, taking phone calls etc and then 2-5, I have time to work on my blog, read books, catch up with family, do a driving lesson and then in the evening, I look at any emails which may have come through in the past few hours before spending time with the Mr.

Nice chunky, accidentalΒ intro for you there.


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