14 Things To Do During Your First Visit To Prague

Prague is a truly beautiful place to visit.

We spent around 65 hours, exploring our way through the beautiful streets, soaking up the sights (and the sun!) as well as eating the most delicious food.

Just like my guide to Amsterdam, I wanted to share a number of things that you can do during your first visit to Prague – simply as a guide and 10 of them are 100% free!

Prague 12.jpg
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4 Festive Instagram Locations In London

I feel like I’m a legit blogger now that I’ve taken a photo of Annabel’s.

Each time I visit London, I always have a list of places I’d like to see, those recommended brunch spots and of course, the best photogenic areas.

Despite only having one full day in London, we managed to see a handful of the locations on my list and naturally, I wanted to share them with you in case you’re visiting soon.


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8 Instagram Locations In Edinburgh

Each time I visit somewhere new, I always enjoy sourcing out the Instagram locations as I am continually trying to improve my photography. Sometimes I stumble upon the photogenic spots and other times, it’s out of our range but well worth the walk.

While we were in Edinburgh, we came across a mixture of Instagram locations as well as a few Harry Potter ones and so, I’ve decided to mix them together.


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10 Things To Do During Your First Visit To Amsterdam

Amsterdam, you were absolutely incredible.

Seeing as the Mr is turning 30 on 5th November, I decided that whisking him away was the best present that I could possibly get him. We booked a trip to Amsterdam for a handful of days in late October and had such a wonderful time!

We decided not to make any solid plans, to just go with the flow, to see where the wind took us and do what we wanted to do. We spent all of our evenings eating delicious food, wandering around the Red Light District and watching football.

There are probably so many things that I’ve missed off this list, but these are the things we did and the ones that I’d recommend to others visiting the city of tulips.

Oh and I’ve tried to include as much information as I possibly can – websites, location, opening times, prices and of course, my honest opinion!


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The Best Photo Spots In Liverpool – Take Three

I didn’t want to wait another four months to share my next set of Liverpool photo spots with you all and seeing as you all seem to have enjoyed take one and take two, I wanted to continue this little series.

In the other two posts, I’ve been in the photos and so with this particular set, I decided not to share a lot of the ones of myself just in case anyone is visiting Liverpool solo or just doesn’t want to be in front of the camera.

I need to get cracking with my list for take four!

Liverpool (25)

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The Best Photo Spots In Liverpool – Take Two

Back in May, I wrote a post about the best photo spots in Liverpool and in all honesty, I didn’t expect the post to do as well as it did. There were a handful of Liverpool Bloggers who messaged me with recommendations for a follow up post and due to popular demand, I’m back again today with round two of more locations that I’ve hunted down.

If you’re visiting my city, make sure you head to a few of these spots for the best photos to take back home with you!

Emma (43)

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Visiting Bath Abbey: From The Ground To The Top

I have developed an unusual love for visiting abbeys, cathedrals and churches when I’m travelling somewhere new. I think it is a mixture between the colourful windows, the extremely high ceilings and wanting to sing Tale As Old As Time from Beauty and the Beast. Anyone else?

Bath Abbey is no exception.

It was the very first tourist attraction on my to-see list when the Mr and I planned our second year anniversary to the beautiful city. Even though we only stayed in Bath for one night, we gave ourselves plenty of time to explore and see the main attractions as well as hunting down all those Instagram locations.

We were very kindly gifted press passes from Visit Bath in collaboration with the tourist board and it has been an absolute pleasure working with them. This is the last of my posts from our trip last month and I’ve really enjoyed reliving our experiences of our short time in the spectacular city.

Bath (37)

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A Morning At The Roman Baths

We were only in Bath for 24 hours but during the short time that we were there, we managed to fit in a handful of tourist attractions and the main one on my list was The Roman Baths. The well-preserved Roman site which was opened in 1897 to the public is available to visit from 9am on a daily basis and it is a must see for when you’re visiting.

This post is written in collaboration with Visit Bath who provided us with press passes for our time in the beautiful city.

Bath (51)

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Exploring The Eden Project

Since March 2001, the Eden Project have opened their doors to the public to welcome them into the realistic rainforest temperatures, the beautiful plants, the rich smell of the coffee beans as well as the delicious, freshly made restaurant food.

While we were in St Austell for our second year anniversary, we decided to visit the spectacular domes of the Eden Project and despite not being fans of plants, gardens, trees – we had an amazing day walking around and taking it all in.

The Eden Project very kindly gifted us two day passes in exchange for today’s blog post. Prepare yourselves for a lot of photos..

Cornwall (08)

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10 Instagram Locations In Bath

Instagram locations are forever being hunted down by bloggers, photographers and people who are a little bit snap happy.

With that being said, we had 26 hours in Bath recently and I wanted to visit as many picturesque spots as I possibly could. With the aid of Visit Bath and #igersbath, I saved quite a few photos (50+) into a collection on Instagram and noted down any street names within my notepad. This way, we got to see the beautiful sights whilst taking all the photos.

We did have a press pass kindly gifted to us from Visit Bath in which we used for Bath Abbey and The Roman Baths, so please know that when you see those photos, we were there in collaboration and that blog posts will be coming up for those spots very soon.

*This post is photo heavy!

Bath (09)

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