Travel Essentials With I Love Cosmetics

Fun fact: I have never travelled with a mini version of my favourite products.

No matter the weight limit, I always ensure that I travel with plenty of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body butter and perfume. It’s not about limiting myself to a little bit of product at a time, but it is more for my own personal preference.

I have used I Love Cosmetics on and off for a number of years – using their products mainly for when I travel as the quality is superb for when my skin feels dry.

Disclaimer: I Love Cosmetics very kindly gifted me these products in exchange for a blog post.

I Love Cosmetics (01)

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Nailing The Wedding Guest Outfit

I have only ever been to two weddings in my life.

The first, I was wearing a dress that I wouldn’t even look twice at these days and the second, I wore one my favourite blue dress.

I may not any weddings to attend, but I happen to have the perfect dress for it and surprisingly enough, it is from Peacocks of all places.

Emma (139)

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The Casual Anniversary Dress

Guess who is going on holiday today?

I’m about to embark on a full six days of car journeys, four different cities and three whole years with the Mr to celebrate.

Around the time of our anniversary, we try our best to plan a trip down South to explore new or familiar cities. Last year, we visited Bath and Cornwall which we absolutely loved and so for this time around, we’re heading to Oxford, Bournemouth, Weymouth and Newbury.

Aintree Shopping Park very kindly sent me on a last minute trip to the shops in order to find the perfect anniversary dress.

Disclaimer: This blog post, along with a selection of Instagram Stories and grid image has been paid for by the PR company. 

Emma (93)

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Wake Up This Summer With Pago

Summer is officially here!

Without fail, the first thing I do when I wake up is making a cup of tea – it’s auto mode for me throughout the past decade or so. But throughout the warm mornings, I’ve also been reaching for a glass of fruit juice just to kick start my morning.

Sourced from natural ingredients, Pago Premium Fruit Juice produce a variety of different flavours that are suitable for every member of the family.

Disclaimer: These products were kindly gifted in exchange for a blog post.

Pago (04)
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Afternoon Tea At Blackpool Tower

All of the restaurants and cafes seem to offer afternoon tea these days.

It is a lovely treat for Mother’s Day, a calm hen party, a birthday lunch or just because you’re wanting to treat someone and you hope they’ll take you along.

The Mr and I were kindly invited to taste the afternoon tea in the Ballroom at the Blackpool Tower which is just a little over an hour drive away from Liverpool for us. If you are familiar with Strictly, this is exactly where they film for the Blackpool special.

Disclaimer: This afternoon tea was kindly gifted by the PR company.

Blackpool (04)

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The Easiest Chocolate Cupcakes

Whether it’s for a charity day we’re hosting in the office, trying out a new recipe or it’s a special birthday, I’ve found that I’m really enjoying baking at the moment.

For a year or so now, I’ve relied heavily on a website called Jane’s Patisserie; from her wide selection of bakes, to flavours to encouraging me to try my hand at icing, it has been the best baking site I have ever come across.

When it was Cupcake Day in association with Alzheimer’s Society, the office collectively decided to host a Bake Off and even though I didn’t win, these easy chocolate cupcakes were a real hit.

Just as a little disclaimer: All create for the ingredients list and method goes to Jane!

Cupcake (01)
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What I’ve Learnt In 7 Years Of Blogging

Happy Birthday to my blog.

Can you actually believe that I have been a blogger for seven years?

On this day in 2012, I set up my own little space on the internet courtesy of WordPress and I’ve never looked back. I honestly believed that it would be a project in between my degrees, but I’m still here, still enjoying my own creative area online.

I haven’t had the smoothest of blogging journeys – I’ve had my fair share of hate, I’ve dealt with trolls, I’ve rebranded my blog at least four times but now I’m finally in a place where I’m completely happy with the content that I’m producing.

Over seven years, you do learn a lot and so, I wanted to share those thoughts with you all – you may agree with some, you may disagree or you may learn about them yourselves now that they’ve been brought to your attention.

Emma (127)

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