The Sunday Post #34

Can you believe we’re in the middle of August already?

In 3 weeks, I’ll be at the airport waiting to go on holiday.

Yes, I am going to mention that every week…


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Books · Review

The Break by Marian Keyes


Published: 7th September 2017
Publisher: Penguin
Pages: 576


Amy’s husband Hugh says he isn’t leaving her. He still loves her, he’s just taking a break – from their marriage, their children and, most of all, from their life together. Six months to lose himself in south-east Asia. And there is nothing Amy can say or do about it. Yes, it’s a mid-life crisis, but let’s be clear: a break isn’t a break up – yet… However, for Amy it’s enough to send her – along with her extended family of gossips, misfits and troublemakers – teetering over the edge. For a lot can happen in six-months. When Hugh returns if he returns, will he be the same man she married? Will Amy be the same woman? Because if Hugh is on a break from their marriage, then isn’t she?

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5 Things Having A Blog Has Taught Me

My blog is five years old.

If it were a child, he/she would be starting school.

I don’t know about you, but that’s flipping crazy.

My blog actually turned five on 1st July, but for some reason, it’s taken me over a month to sit down to write this.

I wanted to talk about what I’ve learnt but in all honesty, we’d be here all day so I’ve narrowed it down to five.


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Books · Review

Last Seen by Lucy Clarke


Published: 29th June 2017
Publisher: HarperCollins
Pages: 448


Seven years ago, two boys went missing at sea – and only one was brought to shore. The Sandbank, a remote stretch of coast dotted with beach huts, was scarred forever. Sarah’s son survived, but on the anniversary of the accident, he disappears without trace. As new secrets begin to surface, The Sandbank hums with tension and unanswered questions. Sarah’s search grows more desperate and she starts to mistrust everyone she knows – and she’s right to. Someone saw everything on that fateful day seven years ago. And they’ll do anything to keep the truth buried.

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Beauty · Review

MakeUp Revolution // Matte Lip Kit

It’s been almost two months since I wrote about a beauty product.

There’s multiple reasons for that:

  1. I’ve barely been buying any new makeup
  2. I’ve not had the chance to photograph any products
  3. I’ve not been inspired to write (hint the lack of posts)

But in the middle of July, I decided to treat myself to one of the MakeUp Revolution lip kits as I’d heard quite a lot about them and to be honest, I didn’t want to pay the price for the Kylie Jenner ones.


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