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Fathers Day with Hotel Chocolat

Everyone under the sun knows about Hotel Chocolat and their fantastic range of delicious chocolates for any occassion.

They kindly got in touch back in April and asked if I’d like to work together, but with Easter being moments away, we decided to hold back until Fathers Day.

I’m a complete Daddy’s girl.

I have been since birth.

He chose my name, took me to ballet school every Saturday morning but most of all, he’s been there for me every single day without fail. Even when I was in Australia, he was making sure that I was having a good time.

He’s simply the best.


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The Sunday Post #24

Where has this week gone?

I spent last weekend shopping with the Mr in Cheshire Oaks and then all day Sunday, I scheduled a lot of blog content, scheduled about three weeks worth of tweets and actually managed to relax for about 30 minutes before realizing that I had another admin job to do.

Juggling a full time job, my blog, emails, driving lessons, PT sessions and trying to treat myself from time to time.


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Testing Beauty Products

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been testing out five beauty products.

Three of them are products you can wear and two are applicators.

I really enjoy going into Boots and Superdrug, browsing the counters and picking up new products to try out from brands who I’ve grown to admire and built up a relationship with, as well as trying out new brands whose counters I’ve walked past but never given much thought to.

I have done this post twice before and seeing as SO many have requested it again…

Your wish is my command.

I’ll keep my thoughts/opinions brief so you’re not reading for hours!


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The Sunday Post #23

EDIT: I wrote this post on Thursday morning at my desk in work. I wrote an upbeat opening but after what happened last night in London, it felt wrong so I’ve decided to keep today’s blog post + scheduled tweets. I know some of you may disagree with that, but we can’t allow these people to win. We went back to work after the Manchester attack, we raised £8m and we fought back.

Never the less, my thoughts are with all people affected by the terror attack ❤

It’s June already.

It was Easter last week, I swear.


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Fashion · Review

Stepping into Summer with Jonathan Aston & Charnos

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I take part in #socksunday every few weeks. Essentially, you take a picture of your feet in socks with your current read and a cup of something warm.

It’s popular and I love adding it onto my feed.

When the PR team over at Jonathan Aston and Charnos got in touch about collaborating, I knew it’d be ideal for both my blog and my Instagram.

Winning at blogging right there.


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Lifestyle · Travel

Leeds: Travel Diary

Leeds has never really been on my to-see list.

I follow quite a few bloggers from the area and I always enjoy seeing their photos and blog posts about the city, but I’ve never thought, “ooh, I must go there.”

I’m was actually disappointed by what Leeds had to offer and I never thought I’d say that about anywhere in the UK.

It was all down to a mixture of the crap weather, a slight car crash (nothing major, just an idiot who reversed into us at a red light) and the fact that there wasn’t a great deal to see. Nevertheless, I still wanted to share a few pictures that I took..